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  1. “(CNS News) — To legally enter Canada, travelers must test negative for COVID-19 and must quarantine themselves for 14 days once in the country. If your quarantine plans do not satisfy the government, it can require you to stay in a “federal quarantine facility,” according to the Canadian government.

    The new rules go into effect today, Jan. 7″

    “Violating any instructions provided when you enter Canada is an offence under the Quarantine Act and could lead to up to six months in prison and/or $750,000 in fines,” said Transport Canada.”

    “Hotel Association of Canada president and CEO Susie Grynol said the group worked with Ottawa to secure a small number of hotels close to international airports to allow people to quarantine.

    “We were proud to support public health in their efforts to flatten the curve, but it was not a profit-generating exercise,” she said in an emailed statement to CBC News. “At that point, most hotels were virtually closed down.”

    The government will not reveal which hotels are being used as quarantine facilities to protect the privacy and security of those staying there, the PHAC said in a statement. ”

  2. All this for a virus with a 99.9 percent survival rate? Kinda makes you wonder why we allowed these people to peddle fear and steal our liberties. Civil disobedience!! They cannot arrest us all. If we all stand arm in arm and refuse to bow down to their unfair, intrusive rules.
    I call BS on this whole thing. Sorry, I am just not buying it anymore. The whole COVID thing was way too convenient for too many people. It was probably unleashed and for sure it was exploited for some to grab power and money. The numbers have been tremendously inflated and the hospitals are dead zones with over half of hospital employees on furlough. It is BS and many of the stories you hear about it are fake. Yes, there was a virus but no it was not a pandemic. Sorry not buying it anymore. The death rate in 2020 was lower than it was in 2018 and no one has died of the regular flu and other reasons for death have significantly decreased, which lets us know that people who commit suicide or die in a car wreck are being listed as COVID deaths. Come on people use your deductive reasoning skills and stop believing everything your television tells you to believe. They call it programming for a reason.

    • Add to that, Sweden and South Dakota did NOTHING and had no problems. South Dakota has nearly no cases now. Whatever a case is, they don’t seem to have very many. So yeah there is something truly rotten about all this.

    • It’s absolutely truth , it’s no pandemic , pandemic kills at least one member of family, that’s pandemic , this whole thing it’s a bullshit big time , I don’t know nobody who have this “Corona “ and I’m working with 5 thousand people around me !!, everyone is well and healthy, this vaccine it’s big business nothing else , look how many people already die from this vaccine, and it’s no news , it’s only news , like people dying from So called VIRUS ,buggy virus who is killing everybody

  3. Justin Trudeau is taking his next step into authoritarianism.
    Canada is a free country. While we believe that our vulnerable should be kept safe from the virus, we cannot sacrifice our most basic freedoms.

    Dr. Theresa Tam told media on Friday that, starting either today or tomorrow, door knockers will check in on those meant to be in quarantine. Toronto and Montreal will be the first cities of 35 that will have door knockers.

    “There’ll be increased security contractors that would go and do more door-knocking to check on people who are in quarantine. So, I think that starts either today or tomorrow in Toronto and Montreal, broadening out to 35 cities, so that we can have an added level of assurance that people are observing that quarantine just in terms of compliance,” said Tam.

    “The quarantine plans themselves, given the variants, we will be lookin carefully at who that individual traveller may be in a household with, and prohibitions of what a satisfactory quarantine plan might entail,” Tam continued.

  4. Horrific what is happening in Canada!!, looks like China or North Korea , We are loosing our rights!!, our freedom, it’s very frightening , Trudeau must go !!

  5. The thing is that once they’ve got the populace adequately demoralized and confused there is nowhere for their dissatisfaction to express itself because they don’t exactly know what they’re upset about. It’s like the “yellow vests” in France who don’t seem to have any obvious focus but are mad as hell anyway but can’t really do anything because they can’t decide what they’re mad about. Like, you could be protesting Muslim immigration but I’m protesting rising white supremacy and, gosh… let’s call the whole thing off… who knows, eh? I’m so confused now…

    We’re dealing with highly intelligent highly manipulative people here and we don’t even know it…

    • One of the main tactics of the left is subverting protests. This has been true since the 60s and before. They CLEARLY did it to ENORMOUS advantage on January 6 in DC. I don’t even have to explain how, yet no one is talking about it in direct terms.

      I think the plan is highly manipulative and intelligent. Much more so than the vast majority implementing it.

  6. This is another step in the history of Liberal government overreach and mismanagement. At what point do we grab the pitchforks and march on Ottawa?

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