Anyone listening to CBC or Canadian media knows how they are reporting yesterday’s events. But…

In FACT, Trump supporters were spotting ANTIFA false flaggers and grabbed them and stopped them.

Below is the tweet. but the same video is above as we all know what happens to evidence of reality.


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  1. They are lying.
    What bothers me though, is that our side is too. Recently Vlad published Infowars claims about total deaths in the U.S. They made much of being less than expected. Supposedly, they have a CPA crunching them tomorrow. But the truth of the matter is that those stats will not be all in till early February. There is always a lag.

    Tired of the bs.

    • I think the BS is intended to tire us. Try and read Kontrarian Kim’s comments. She is a professional statistical analyst. She has looked at a lot of records for the past 10 years and finds no excess deaths in the West in countries she has looked at.

      • Many thanks, Eeyore. You are right. Will look her up.
        I just crunched the numbers till week 48 in South Dakota, and it turns out they have about 850 excess deaths, but 5790 covid deaths. Huh, right?

        So I thought…I’ll crunch that further. Mainstream press reports that about 2/3 excess deaths are covid (the rest are “deaths of despair”, dementia and so on). So that would make covid-excess-deaths only 566. So roughly, only 10% of the given number.

        Which means if they claim 300,000 covid deaths, only 10% is true, or 30,000. The rest is moving categories…. fewer people dying of diabetes and heart disease, et al and more covid.

        If I have erred, anyone, please point it out.

      • Eeyore, when I click on Kontrarian Kim here in comments, it is rerouted to a Pfitzer web page. Creepy.
        Anyone know her site?

        • The BS certainly is intended to tire us. Yuri Bezmenov said that by the time the crisis comes people will not be able to make sense out of even the simplest most obvious things. That’s what gaslighting is all about. Look at the people of France, stumbling about in yellow vests not knowing what the hell they’re even rioting about. Same thing here. There is no epidemic of police brutality against young black males but that doesn’t stop everybody from taking the lying BLM idiots very seriously. Yes, the propaganda is intended to tire us intellectually and make us give up trying to figure things out at all. And it’s working like a hot-damn. Absolutely nothing makes any sense. We all saw Hillary and Joe commit serious criminal offenses and then we saw the FBI yawn and look the other way. Nothing makes sense anymore…!

          None of the important issues that currently face our Western nations are even as much as mentioned anymore. It’s all constant, non-stop gaslighting 24/7 now.

          And it’s just a matter of time before comments like the one I just posted will be considered “harmful” to the common good and I will be muzzled along with every other conservative outside of Poland and Hungary…

      • Kontrarian Kim adds little to the discourse in comments here. It’s a pity that she doesn’t share observations or even links to content.

        Perhaps she might be encouraged…?

  2. Earlier today I posted a video from TFI in India, the woman on the video pointed out that when you have a very significant portion of 75 million people who think that they have been robbed of one of their basic rights not even listening to them and looking at their evidence is going to breed a revolution.

    As Vlad has pointed out several times this isn’t a revolution, this is a counter revolution and there are a lot of well trained people who are on our side.

  3. People should remember Watt Tyler and the Peasants Revolt.
    The King told them to go home and their grievances would be heard.
    They dispersed and went home.
    Then the King’s thugs rounded up the leaders and killed them. Including Watt Tyler.
    History repeating if the patriots obey the tyrants.

  4. Sicilian born Igzanio Moncada, CEO of FATA SpA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Leonardo SpA, is believed to be a bridge between some secret services and the Italian BEIJING Business Association, the Italian IRAN Business Association and the Italian QATAR Business Association. It has been stated that Moncada may be a key figure in the eight month planning of the election hacking in Italy.

    Senior US Embassy personnel in Italy reportedly gave the order to act,
    coordinating the hacking and developing “new algorithms”, states a key witness of the fraud, to secure a win for the democrat candidate Joe Biden.

  5. I’m not buying the whole “ANTIFA” did it, sure there would have been plenty of infiltrators, but there were plenty more pissed off Americans.

    I know it’s very high stakes for those involved but all this disavowing of those who put everything on the line pisses me off.
    The corrupt deep state have been stealing elections and more, stop apologising.

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