Five non-US election related items to start January 7, 2021

1. The beginning of wisdom is the proper naming of things. And people who die as a result of Covid POLICIES did NOT die of Covid19.

2. Another gym opens up in Arthur Ontario

3. I am replacing item 3 as more and more it looks like leftist propaganda all by itself. But this is interesting:

Facebook Will Ban And Delete All Photos And Videos Of Any Aspect Of Wednesday Protests

(This is the purest Winston Smith. But why? Because it looks more and more like the Reichstag fire? Or because they want to eliminate any record of how strongly so many supported President Trump?)

(In an abundance of fairness to facebook, more than they give others, their statement does not say they will remove all materials from yesdterday’s event. But it gives leeway to do so based on that classic leftist language, like for example, ‘hate speech’, which lets them be the judge of all of it.)


4. Interesting graph that may help answer the charge of a commenter the other day concerning excess deaths due to Covid

5. So where is the Islamic State these days? Well, here was a few of them’s profile picture
Footage of tribal fighters from Sheikh Mandoul Al-Satam ambushing an IS!S pickup truck in the Haditha desert of #Iraq, killing two militants. #AtlasNewsUpdateIraq

(This is a little explicit but not gory. It looks a lot like video game capture footage actually.)

Thank you all who contribute thoughts, corrections, (Yes I know its martial, but I didn’t manage to correct it in all the spots) and news links to this site. What a day it was yesterday.

Attn Canadians:

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  1. Russian propaganda has us six ways from Sunday. It antedated communism and it continues unabated today.

    Its most familiar – though by no means only – mechanism is the Conspiracy Theory. Thinking becomes one-dimensional, intellectual energy is neutralized. It always sows distrust within the target society.

    An especially successful operation is ongoing in Turkey. Feto agents of eternal foe Gulen keep “turning up” among the filthy Turk’s most competent military officers, most trusted advisors. That bleeds off the best and brightest, no end in sight.

    The Russians manage us with a delicate touch. They get us to latch on to a Cause, then we pile up our own proof of concept. We become ego-invested, committed. Whatever the hook – The Protocols of the Elders of Zion or vaccines that implant tracking devices – we become passionate proselytizers.

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