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One Reply to “Brad Johnson update on Libya”

  1. The Govt of National Accord is always described as the “UN-recognized” Libyan govt, as if to give it legitimacy and heft. It holds only Tripoli, represents a scatter of tribes, jihadis, and mercs.[Redundant, I know.]

    The UN likes the GNA because it’s an outpost of the perennial favorite, the Muslim Brotherhood. Our Deep State is fully MB. That includes the media, which keeps plugging in the “UN-recognized’ bit and describes the leader of the opposition as a warlord.

    Egypt shares a long border with Libya. The filthy Turk is MB: encroaching on Egypt’s long border with Libya is a naked threat. Egyptians got a sample of MB governance in the Arab Spring and want no part of it.

    This summer Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, and Israel concluded a deal for an offshore pipeline that will connect the gas fields of the East Med to Europe. The UAE has bought in.

    Russia’s with the forces arrayed against the GNA, led by General Hafter. Another jihadi base to threaten Russian interests in Syria will not be tolerated. In October Egypt and Russia conducted a joint naval exercise.

    But Putin’s playing the filthy Turk in his various splendid adventures. He PRETENDS to be mediating when he’s content to leave matters slow-cook. It bleeds off excess jihadis (filthy Turk likes that too), and it’s a cheap way project power.

    Turkey’s not happy.

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