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3 Replies to “Renaud Camus: A spectre haunts Europe and the world. It is Replacism”

  1. I find this to be the last sing of the swan.
    I fell the same like this guy. I speak the same like this guy.
    But I also know how Europeans are.
    We die. This is normal. All polluted societies die.
    I want to fight…he wanna fight… against who ? A continent of polluted brains ?
    The only chance Europe has, is that the politicians and islamists will push very hard…if they push harder than the population is ready to accept…then yes…might be a chance.
    If they are intelligent…they will not push more than necessary.

  2. European Union must collapse!!, then individual countries close the borders and clean up this horrific mess from Islamists and this traitors politicians, who destroyed our way of life and beautiful cultures passing to our children and grandchildren, unfortunately this stupid snowflake generation don’t see the danger is coming in the speedy way , so this traitors pushing harder and hatred, it’s no hope for Western Europe, maybe East survive, but West it’s done..

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