Sidney Powell and “The Galileo treatment”

The following is the text of an email I received:

The three hypothetical explanations in this article for why Sidney Powell is getting the “Galileo treatment” all make sense.

The three explanations are (1) both sides may be in on the fraud, as some RINOs and Never-Trumpers had unexpectedly big wins, (2) fear and intimidation of officeholders and judges, and (3) Powell’s conclusions are so devastating to Americans’ perception of how their country is run that the truth would shock them into a loss of faith and trust in their government, and hence it must be suppressed.

These three explanations are not mutually exclusive, of course.

On the subject of Sidney Powell, her team released a 270-page document a few days ago, which unfortunately has no executive summary.

Download and save this report. Maybe we can each pick 10 pages and post the interesting bits to the comments.

Ill take 1 – 10

Thank you MW.

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3 Replies to “Sidney Powell and “The Galileo treatment””

  1. Pgs 50-60. Russian interference much redacted. At the 2016 election the Russians requested they be permitted to “observe” the election but were denied.

  2. Two things concern me about the taxonomy of the day.

    1. Kraken. The Kraken failed. Read the story.
    2. Galileo. Galileo will be proven wrong as the Baal Earth speed, movements and measurements don’t stand up to observation except in the world of scientism.

  3. Leaving the horses half-way out of the barn for long is untenable. You either put them back in and lock the door, or set them free.

    Sydney Powell has managed to half-free the truth of a fraudulent election.

    If it is the article’s third option that is the case–that the ruling class thinks we can’t handle the truth of the depth and breadth of corruption–they are wrong. Real people handle the inconvenient matters of reality every day. It is those who are insulated by wealth, privilege and power who needn’t suffer the sundry quiddities of toil, or standing in line outside the drug store. They are the type who prefer the bloodsport of power and politics over doing their own laundry. Go figure.

    Yes, I am a horse who smells the fresh air outside, ready to bolt. The barn is full of us eager for the pastures still fresh in our minds. It is in OUR time that the barn door is being shut. OUR generation is infinitely more likely to succeed in winning any contest at this nascent stage–before our jailers can consolidate their positions of power through refinement, technology and laws–than a later generation that has not smelled the crisp air of our pastures.

    Put another way, can we afford the uncertain outcome of four years of Biden and Harris and proxies Obama, Clintons, Soros, Red China, Iran, Putin, Schwab, Agenda 30 etc?

    This list, itself, says it all.

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