Five Covid items that challenge the narrative: Links 1, December 23, 2020

1. Ladies and Gentlemen, the next drug to be banned from use for treatment of Covid 19

2. Lets close all the restaurants and make shopping really unpleasant to protect a few people from Covid while…

LILLEY: COVID is coming through the borders that Trudeau left open

The borders are fine, there is nothing to worry about but we have still banned flights from the United Kingdom.

That was essentially the message from a gaggle of cabinet ministers and public health officials who were trotted out to discuss Canada’s response to a new strain of COVID-19 found in Britain and the decision to ban flights from the UK.

Still, one of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s top cabinet ministers, Patty Hajdu, the minister of health, warned against international travel during the midday news conference on Tuesday.,

“Travel increases our exposure to others. It also increases others to us,” Hajdu said.

“So please don’t plan to travel internationally.” […]

Ford said there are about 64,000 people a day arriving at Pearson Airport, more than 9,000 per day, and they are not being properly screened.

(Dollars to donuts, the RCMP are still bellhops to illegals coming in via Roxham Rd. and a dozen other access points the public hasn’t found out about yet. It is a 2000+ mile border after all.)

3. Lord Sumption, former Supreme Court Justice on the lock downs

4. Covid 19. The first fact-free issue to form policy since the middle ages.

5. What was the Covid relief package really about? Well, it helps people affected by Covid regulations about like the ban of HCQ helped the infected.

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  1. Mutation VU 202012/01 that’s spoiling Christmas.
    Theory 1:
    U.K. variant puts spotlight on immunocompromised patients’ role in the COVID-19 pandemic

    Theory 2:
    The most devastating strains of influenza were and are products of ping-pong mutations – people sharing their shacks with pigs and poultry. It’s a natural evolution for all sorts of diseases and animal reservoirs.

    Mustelids (minks, ferrets) are highly susceptible to this coronavirus. An infected mink farmer becomes a superspreader to his herd. The virus mutates in the sick silky-coat-on-the-hoof and bounces back to humans in a series of variants that can turn the world upside-down.

    That’s why Denmark, the world’s largest producer of mink fur, sacrificed their entire industry to avert the risk. (Animal-rights activists were able cross that one off their To-Do list. Chinese mink farmers are delighted, of course. Prices they’re charging are soaring.)

    Email: Academic speculation making the rounds.
    “Re the appearance of VU 202012/01 in September [2020], have any epidemiological investigations taken place to check whether that 1st case of the variant was a keeper of mustelids or in contact with a keeper of mustelids, both directly or indirectly?

    Ferret keeping is quite common in the UK. Given the large changes in viral genome, the accepted animal sourcing of the originator of the pandemic, it would be reasonable even at this stage to check out this possibility as thoroughly as Denmark has followed up the mink farming issues.”
    Russia’s developing a Covid-19 vaccine to “protect mink in its vast fur farms, as well as domestic cats.”

    Do we need a COVID-19 vaccine for pets?

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