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15 Replies to “President Trump on the election steal”

  1. If all of this is true does it not merit an intervention by martial law or executive order in order to stop a massive criminal enterprise against the American people?

    • 1 Internal Politics, its much better if Trump can get the State Legislatures or the Federal Congress to face up to the massive vote fraud and act to restore some integrity to the election. That is what all of the info releases are about, putting pressure on the State Legislatures and the Federal Congress. Lyndsey Graham can say the Senate won’t vote to support a contested election all he wants but if the voters put enough pressure on their Congress Critters they will vote to support the Contested Election effort.

      2) Trump has to know that a civil war is starting, he has to plan his moves to remain in office while not giving the Dems/radical left any reason to say Trump started the Civil War.

      There is very little that Trump is doing that says he thinks he will be leaving the White House soon. This is why so many Dems and Dem supporters are talking about dragging him out. Their actions and speeches show a growing frustration and desperation, they know more about their actions then we do and if they are panicking I have to wonder just what do they think or know that Trump has up his sleeves?

    • When I Google “voter fraud America” the return reads like a Pravda Magazine of links to the same opinions of ‘no voter fraud’ statement you made.
      However, when I use Duck Duck Go, I get a mixture and so can witness both sides of the debate.

      For the fraud side:

      “A couple of my “favorite” scams:

      In Georgia, at least 96,600 absentee ballots were requested and counted, but there is no record that they were actually returned to county election boards by the voter. Were they just created in-house by Democrat operatives?

      Again in Georgia, “All 900 military ballots in Fulton county were 100% for Joe Biden.” Try flipping a coin and having it land “tails” 900 times in a row.

      In Detroit, there were more votes cast than people of voting age, which seems unlikely on the face of it. Also, eyewitness report that vote counters were instructed to “pre-date” absentee ballots, and that they were also “overwriting” Trump votes to become Biden votes.

      In Nevada, a judge is allowing the Trump team to present evidence of widespread voter fraud in a December 3rd hearing. Included will be evidence of 13,372 “phantom voters” who didn’t know their birthday or even their sex when they registered, and often put down casinos and RV parks as their home address. Definitely sketchy. ”

      For the ‘nothing to see here’ side:

      “Trump is not the first politician to push the voter-fraud myth for his political advantage, but he must be the last”

      “Any tipsters who could provide evidence of voter fraud that led to a criminal conviction would receive at least $25,000, up to a grand total of $1m. The money was set to come from Patrick’s campaign, not his personal account. Still, the point remains: if voter fraud was rampant, as President Trump and leading Republicans have repeatedly claimed, Patrick’s million-dollar fund should have run dry long ago.”

      Two arguments. The Right and The Left. One for factual evidence, and the other denigrating another person for having wrong opinions. The Republican and Socialist mindsets where the means justify the ends or the ends justify the means. Equal opportunity or equal outcome, worldviews.

      Just a “All hat no cattle” seems like what I would read as a comment in any mainstream media newspaper as a bot.

      • Nah. I should have been less terse. I was in an annoyed mode. I am tired of the hype from WH and thereabouts about “anytime now.”

        I have not meant my comment to be seen as “no fraud anywhere, nothing to see here.” At all. I saw the fraud unfolding on election night. I saw how Fox News threw its conservative followership under the bus. I have followed the hearings. There’s always been fraud, but this year, it jumped the shark. If it’s allowed to stand, we are done. Stick a fork in us. Banana Republic.

        P.S. Everybody and his brother knew there was gonna be massive cheating. So why didn’t Trump prepare for it?

        • “…why didn’t Trump prepare for it?”

          All Communists want is a Revolution. Violent, or preferably a death by a thousand cuts by poisoning the well.

          The “Lone Wolves” of islam and the ‘Lone Cells’ of Communist activists both provide constant terror on the streets, without ever tarnishing the pure islam and pure Communism that they gaslight to bring peace if only you submit to them and can never ever leave.

          Covid-19 has created an allergic reaction, where islam and Marxism have not, yet they are the more disabling and deadly viruses that everyone should be inoculated against. However, the Education System claims they are entirely benevolent.

          The Right rely on law and due process, while the Left rely on nepotism and bending the rules to suit. A masculine and feminine priority approach to laws (that always at some point must be broken) to function best for people and circumstances, and not as slaves. Self preservation is good enough if you are starving and had been caught eating forbidden food.

          islam and Communism have no such mercy.

          In my opinion, the answer to “…why didn’t Trump prepare for it?” is the slowly boiled lobster and the distracting of the FBI to chase shadows. The unnoticed loss of freedoms in the name of criminals made holy, and the fog created from fighting conspiracy theories while the real ones are out there in plain sight. And this combined with the result of disturbed citizens identifying with their race, religion, skin, gender and loins in cultures of self-hate and self-harm made proud by blaming someone independent, happy and successful.

          Skimmers off the willing-enslaved do not want these cash-cows freed.

          • Besides all of that, what could he have done? Pointed to the crooks and have complicit media, judges, and deep-state law enforcement laugh it off, as they try to now? Who to trust if you are a righteous President?

            Thank you PC and Merry Christmas to you and yours from me and mine. I have spoken to my wife and children about your teachings.

            • Well, something would have been better than nothing. He surrounded himself with saboteurs and now he is wanting us to fight for him?!

              Frankly, the machines have been an issue since the time they were put in.

              Merry Christmas to you too. And peace to all people of good will.

  2. Trump is a very courageous individual, rare nowadays such bravery. He went against all the advice of his advisors who disagreed with him doing this speech. But it had to be done. History will record it.

    And he is preparing us for the January 6 showdown and possibly a scenario for January 21.

    Patrick Byrne: What Really Happened In The Oval Office


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