Covid and corruption and the leftist rotting of democratic practice: Links 1, October 9, 2020

1. Obamagate explained in 1 minute

2. Ontarians to lose more fundamental freedoms today as near useless PCR tests show more positive cases, while the Ottawa hospital has a tiny number of actual sick people from Covid.

3. Virginia: Elementary School Kids Taught That “Objectivity” and “Perfectionism” Are Racist Traits of “White Supremacy”

Yes, really.

Author James Lindsay posted a screenshot of the lesson outline, which is apparently taken from a 2001 Dismantling Racism Workbook by authors Tema Okun and Kenneth Jones and is being taught to kids aged 6-11 at the Belvedere Elementary School in Virginia.

4. The guy who engineered the kidnapping attempt of a governor that was arrested yesterday

5. More fact checking of those who lie about everything President Trump says:

6. Chief asks Fredericton councillor to resign for using offensive language

(An unusually excellent example of the communist nature of cancel culture. What this councillor said was actually anti-racist but also against the BLM/Marxist narrative and so now he is asked to resign. Also note the story is CBC to make sure we all get the message)

St. Mary’s Chief Alan Polchies scolds whole Fredericton council for remaining silent.

The chief of St. Mary’s First Nation is calling on a Fredericton city councillor to step down because of language he used after a presentation on race and policing. 

Chief Alan Polchies says the words used by Coun. Eric Price at Monday’s council meeting were unacceptable.

Price’s comments came after a presentation on policing and community safety by Black Lives Matter Fredericton.

Price, who is white, asked BLM organizer Husoni Raymond who would be included in the group’s work.  

“Does this report include other minorities — red skin, brown skin, the folks on St. Mary’s etc, etc, as well?”

No one at the meeting commented on or acknowledged what Price said.

But it didn’t take long for the outrage to build on social media. 

Price apologized on his Facebook page Tuesday morning, saying: “My choice of words was unthinking and stupid. And I am deeply embarrassed.”

(This is also why you NEVER apologize. It is indeed blood in the water to sharks when you do. I also have it on good authority that this man in particular is the farthest thing from racist one can be. But that was never the problem clearly. Its that he is not a submissive wetter to the Marxist narrative.)

7. President Obama told congress that they could read the Obamacare health act after they signed it. Biden is following that tactic.

8. Swedish mother of three brutally attacked by migrants, slams Swedish prime minister

While trying to enjoy a night out with their husbands, 24-year-old Rebecca Andersson and her sister were brutally beaten by a gang of immigrants in central Uppsala on Saturday night when they were on their way home from a restaurant.

The young mother of three described the incident on Facebook and shared photos of her battered body in a post that has been shared tens of thousands of times. In the message, she also mocked the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, writing, “Please share [my post], so maybe it will reach Löfven how safe Sweden is.”

On Friday night, Rebecca Andersson said she and her husband Fredrik hired a babysitter so that they along with Rebecca’s sister and her husband could go to a restaurant for a night out. After playing shuffleboard for a couple of hours, they were all heading home when they were brutally attacked by an immigrant gang.

“My friend and I went a little behind and talked and the girls went a bit ahead,” told Fredrik Andersson told Swedish newspaper Fria Tider.

9. An article about a sane proposal by epidemiologists and other health professionals to stop the crazy and open society and follow the Swedish model. Which is to say what everyone did for all of history till now.

Early this week, three of the world’s top epidemiologists published the Great Barrington Declaration, a short treatise that advocates a controversial approach to managing the coronavirus pandemic. Professors Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford University, Sunetra Gupta of Oxford University, and Martin Kulldorff of Harvard University argue that societies across the globe should reopen immediately and completely. 

Instead of observing measures designed to slow the spread of the virus, the young and healthy should resume normal activity in order to incur herd immunity and thereby protect those vulnerable to severe illness. The authors urge the adoption of this strategy, which they call “Focused Protection,” in light of increasing evidence that “current lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health. . . Keeping these measures in place until a vaccine is available will cause irreparable damage, with the underprivileged disproportionately harmed.” 

As of this writing, the Declaration has been signed by 3,089 other medical and public health scientists, 4,532 medical practitioners, and around 70,000 members of the general public.

While these scientists are not the first to express such views, given the degree to which their stance conflicts with the prevailing wisdom that everyone has a moral obligation to participate in efforts to “stop the spread,” it is not surprising that they have already encountered significant opposition. Among their primary detractors is Yale epidemiologist Gregg Gonsalves, who considers their proposal akin to a suggestion that society “cull[] the herd of the sick and disabled. It’s grotesque.”

 It is hard to see where Gonsalves reads into the Declaration, which seeks to balance the interests of all demographics, a call to “cull[] . . . the sick and disabled.” This accusation is merely part of the drama in what has become coronavirus theater.

Medical theatre

10. Liberals exploring COVID-19 “federal quarantine” housing and “isolation sites”

Canada’s Public Health Agency has submitted a request for proposals for a “third-party managed solution” concerning housing and care for individuals as part of the government’s “COVID-19 pandemic response”.

The tender is a not a bid solicitation; rather, the Liberal government is aiming to “solicit feedback.”

Responding to questions from interested parties, the government assumes that there will be a single contract awarded to a third party to take over management of eleven “Designated Quarantine Sites” across nine cities:

(These are likely the items Ezra is referring to, which we posted the other day at this site. Looking for riot control devices, and also looking for quarantine/isolation facilities.

Thank you Johnny U., M., Wrath of Khan, ET., EB., C., PC., Snaphanen.DK., Tama, MarcusZ1967, and MANY new people who commented on the Brad Johnson interview about Trudeau. I will repost it below as its quite important. I am hoping to do an update within the next 30 hours or sooner as they have in theory released all the docs UNREDACTED by now and we should know a lot more about Trudeau’s role in the attempt to remove a duly elected US president.

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10 Replies to “Covid and corruption and the leftist rotting of democratic practice: Links 1, October 9, 2020”

  1. Hillary and Obama are not only taking down the Marxist Party in the US it is looking like they may take down the Marxist Party in Canada and semi clean house in British Intelligence.

  2. 4 – The Propaganda Media is once again spreading Lies disinformation about who was planning to kidnap a Governor, a left wing anarchist nutjob was planning on starting the “Marxist Peoples Courts” early. So the Propaganda Media had no option but to call him Right Wing. The low information voters are going to be fooled but no one else will be.

  3. 3. Virginia: Elementary School Kids Taught That “Objectivity” and “Perfectionism” Are Racist Traits of “White Supremacy”

    The idea that certain positive and success-creating characteristics are “white” is one of the most dangerous, self-defeating mental mistakes a human can make. When a native Indian, for instance, criticizes his brother’s conscientiousness and perfectionism and tells him he’s bowing down to the white man’s ways and being an Uncle Tom he is dooming his brother to a place of permanent second-class ranking in the dominance hierarchy. Aren’t the Japanese incredibly picky about Toyota transmissions? Aren’t Buddhist monks full of self-discipline and studiousness? Aren’t Indian scholars conscientious? Can’t a native Indian be a master machinist? What stupid destructive insulting racist bullshit it is to call those things “white”.

    The whole idea is right up there with “mulitculturalism” and “cultural appropriation” in the pantheon of incredibly stupid left-wing ideas… There are, of course, others…

    • It’s not about equality or equity. It’s about sowing division and stopping any future successes in western society, while simultaneously singing the praises of communism. You can thank China and its globalist collaborators.

      • Yes, I think the aforementioned “inventions” never had positive intentions in the first place. I think they were developed in enemy think tanks to be used as weapons of psychological warfare. “Multiculturalism”, for instance, is about the best way I can think of of destroying a civilization from within and if you described it to Julius Caesar or Henry VIII they would agree immediately. It’s obviously a disastrous idea and nobody could really think otherwise. It was never meant to be a good thing. The Cubans probably thought it up amid gales of laughter, clinking glasses, and clouds of cigar smoke…

  4. If I were to go out my door right now and engage in small talk with random people I’ll bet that almost all of them would have heard that some Trump-supporters tried to kidnap a Governor… Then they’d say that they heard Hydroxychloroquine was a hoax and had no effect on the coronavirus. Then they’d say that Black Lives Matter has a good point. Then they’d say that climate change was 100% real. Depressed yet…?

    • The Dems didn’t want Creepy Joe but got stuck with him, why do you think they are setting up so many ways to put fake ballots into the system? At this point in time I don’t think the Dems think they can win the election but they do want to create so much chaos that the election will be decided by the Supreme Court of the Current House of Representatives.

      Given the way they have acted ever since the clear victory of Donald Trump in 2016 think about how they will react if the next President is chosen by Judges or by the House of Representatives? This will give them a massive excuse to turn their militias loose to riot, murder and loot, it will make this summer look calm. There is still time for the police to arrest and hold the antifa leaders but the question is do they have enough evidence to hold them?

      Now throw the Durham investigations into the mix, if/when they current DOJ starts arresting the entire crew of the Russiagate Hoax and this includes Obama, Biden and a lot of their administration. It stands a chance of including Democrat members of the House that were active during the phony impeachment mess. This will be done when the riots are just starting. In fact the arrests and later trial and hopefully conviction and sentencing of the Obama and Clinton people will be fuel for more riots.

      Creating so much chaos that the US is ungovernable is the major goals of the Dems, they think that if it gets bad enough we will accept them as the strong man on a horse to give us some peace and safety. All we have to do is give up our freedom, temporally of course and the emergency that requires us to give up our freedom will never end. After all there is nothing more permeate then a temporary Government program.

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