CBC is enemy propaganda example F462YYG79

First check how CBC describes a peculiar event where a man armed with a knife broke into a fire station that resulted in police shooting him:

Man shot, injured after police open fire in Montréal-Nord

And now, a machine translation from La Presse.Ca

(First of all the man is said to have a gun by La Presse and he had a Maghrebian accent. This means North African from the Islamic part of Africa. […]

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  1. It’s a bad machine translation. The man was holding a knife. Only mention of a gun are gun shots. The word ‘weapon’ (French: Arme) could be misconstrued as a gun.

    All other details are correct. He either held or left a book, has a Maghreb accent. These details are important and not mentioned in the CBC report.

    In French, a resident of the area said it is so common to hear gunshots in the night that they no longer wake up.

    The time 06h45 is interesting: sunrise aka Islamic prayer time.

  2. jihad watch Montreal: Muslim knife attacker had Qur’an and shouted ‘Allah,’ cops searching for motive

    “It is still difficult to understand the motives of the man.”

    Yes, because denial and willful ignorance are all-pervasive today

    Knife attack in Montreal-North | ‘Many heard the suspect cry out to Allah!,’” translated from “Attaque au couteau à Montréal-Nord | ‘Plusieurs ont entendu le suspect crier Allah!,’” 98.5 Montréal, October 6, 2020 (thanks to Gisele):

    We know more about the circumstances surrounding the knife attack that occurred on Sunday at fire station 18 located near the Rivière-des-Prairies in Montreal-North.

    “People there told me that the man was not just holding a knife in his hands, but also a Koran,” said criminal affairs columnist Marie-Laurence Delainey on Tuesday morning at Paul Arcand’s microphone.

    It is still difficult to understand the motives of the man. The terrorist thesis has been explored, but would not be favored by investigators….





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