Suing governments over Covid regs, and support for President Trump: Links 2, October 4, 2020

1. Lawyer and member of the bar in both California and Germany on current crimes against humanity, namely in terms of Corona measures leftist governments are implementing. 49 minutes. This video is very interesting, full of surprises, like previous vaccines which had to be destroyed at tax payer expense because it was so dangerous, and easily researched facts that lead to a massive conspiracy between the communist UN-WHo and major pharmaceutical corporations.

2. An actual peaceful demo where no one is attacked, nothing is burned down and no threats are uttered.



Can ANYONE remember people supporting any presidential candidate ever to this degree?

3. Watch the government of Ontario string lies like coloured popcorn at Christmas.

They planned to raise the communist Chinese flag then made up reasons why they decided against it which are worse than the initial plan.

4. ‘China’s gateway’: Daniel Andrews’ Belt and Road pitch to Beijing

(And it starts to make sense why Victoria in Australia is full on totalitarian with its Covid regs)

Premier Daniel Andrews directly courted some of China’s biggest Belt and Road Initiative companies, including one subsequently blacklisted by the US government, to help build Victoria’s huge pipeline of infrastructure projects including his signature Suburban Rail Loop.

Internal documents obtained under the freedom of information act show Mr Andrews pitching for money and expertise from Chinese state-owned companies in his trip to China in October last year, with a promise to “facilitate” their access to Victoria and “collaborate” on the state’s biggest projects.

Victoria, he said, would become “China’s gateway to Australia”.

Among the projects the Premier listed were the uncosted but multibillion-dollar Suburban Rail Loop, the North East Link road project and the Airport Rail Link.

5. “Antifa is just an idea”. In Germany, the idea gets public funding and is busy attacking everything in its way to a full communist revolution. Like in the US

Thank you Hellequin GB., MissPiggy, Johny U., M., ML., Maplewood and all who sent in materials.



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12 Replies to “Suing governments over Covid regs, and support for President Trump: Links 2, October 4, 2020”

  1. It seems improper to refer to the rioters as left-wing, liberal, or democrat. In fact, they are self-described Marxist communists. They are not merely left of center or perhaps in favor of a couple of social programs. No, these people are hack-and-slash communist parasites who are openly fighting for the destruction of the western world. This is not a secret or a conspiracy. The leaders of antifa and BLM have all openly admitted their agenda.

    • It’s weird, but when the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union both fell the left simply lifted off like a big helicopter and landed somewhere else. Where that somewhere else is is hard to say. But they definitely didn’t disappear. They didn’t just sigh and say, “Looks like we were wrong all along… Oh, well… Time to embrace capitalism…” Never happen.

      The left lives on like a gigantic slime mold deep within the Teachers’ unions and the UN and the media and a thousand other places where they own the territory and only hire or befriend fellow lefties. All the distinctions like “Social Democrat” or “Democratic Socialist” are is just the two bulls walking slowly into the valley full of sexy-looking cows and having their way with all of them instead of running in mooing and snorting and scaring them away…

      • There have been large number of communists in the West since the late 1890s. They have worked hard to take control of the News Industry as well as the educational establishments. Their control has push the public opinion to the point that anyone who talks about Communism is look on as a nut. After all everyone knows communism fell in 1992. This has given them a lot of maneuver room when it comes to politics.

        Look at how they are calling Bill Clinton and Obama moderates, both are as far left as Bernie Saunders if not further left but the left/communists in the Propaganda Media has told that real big lie so often people believe in it.

    • We call them left and far left because the left/communists have taken control of the media and have pushed the idea that communism fell in 1992 (in reality it was the Soviet Union that fell Communism in alive and well) for so long that people believe it. If you talk about communism and people being communist you are looked on as a nut. Talking about them as left, far left and radical left is the only way we can identify them as being enemies of freedom.

      • Ted Kennedy was reaching out to Yuri Andropov against PReagan! Andropov, the archfiend of the KGB!

        The Irish mafia that OWNED the Democrat machine in Boston was dealing weapons to the terrorists of the IRA. They liaised with Nazis during the war, then with the Soviet Union.

  2. 2. An actual peaceful demo where no one is attacked, nothing is burned down and no threats are uttered.

    The left tries to create a moral equivalency by stating that “extremist” white supremacist right-wing groups like the “Proud Boys” or any Trump supporter are at least equally complicit in the violent rage we so commonly on display these days. But it’s not true and you’ve got to be rather unobservant if you haven’t noticed that the ugliness and the violence and the hate is 99% coming from the people who will be voting for Joe Biden in the upcoming election – the Democrats. The Trump supporters come off like people at a church picnic or a tailgate party while the left sound like a terrifying murderous beast. The right wants to talk but the left just screams, “Off our streets, fascist scum!” at you and it’s all over…

    And isn’t that something that they’d actually be saying that it’s the other way round, that “White Supremacists” are the problem…

    • They’re –
      – Just.
      – Too.
      – Arrogant.

      Huggy-kissy, hand-shakey-shakey.
      A classic superspreader event. A cluster frack.

      This crowd displays a sense of entitlement even more extreme than the leftist louse who popped into the hair salon. Feel soooo invulnerable, maybe taking the Trump Cocktail as a magic potion.

      HCQ+Zinc – patients taking it for lupus or rheumatoid arthritus are NOT immune to coronavirus. You’d think guests at this event would have access to better information.

  3. Speak softly when discussing this possibility, it is a real possibility that they used one of their people as a living bio weapon, but without evidence we don’t dare ask this question without sounding like we are wearing Tin Foil Hats.

    • I don’t want to go there_________ !!
      Bad enough as it is. Wrapping everything in ANOTHER layer of darkness just generates a sense of helpessness.

      PT is a ROLE MODEL for optimism: A walking, talking Power of Positive Thinking!
      He barrels through everything thrown at him, refuses to get side-tracked, determined to prevail. Constructive ideas, energy.

      WE are The Good Guys. WE win, win, win!

      Later, scores will be settled. PT has a long memory, savors revenge as a dish well-chilled.
      And the Trump Boomerang is just a teaser - to remind us of the ultimate Supreme Court.

  4. Not too many parades or demos in the 2016 election
    Big shock to democrats
    Polls favouring clitoris Clint
    And this time much worse
    Polls still lying and filled with propaganda for fake news media
    Dementia joe leading

    Trump wins With a landslide

    But the evil dems will hold up the count for a month or two

    This election is a travesty on democracy
    Dem governors using their power to subvert democracy
    With millions of mail in ballots extra voters not on lists
    No ID required all sorts of issues that if occurring in
    Third world countries would be evidence of fraud in election

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