Matteo Salvini speaks to large crowd on his upcoming trial for “kidnapping”

This is an incredible example of how the left uses language as its principle weapon. Salvini simply upheld the law and didn’t let an NGO ship full of illegal migrants step foot in Italy, which they had no legal right to do, even under EU laws. The NGO could have brought them anywhere else, or returned them to Libya or wherever they came from, but instead kept them on board at the docks at an Italian harbour.

Somehow leftists have managed to have Salvini charged with “kidnapping” on the basis that he wouldn’t let them off the ship.

Please read the details at RAIR


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  1. Just as the Left in America are determined to destroy President Trump and his followers, so too are the human scum of Italy trying to take down Salvini. We can only hope and pray that just as Trump is being guided by Divine Providence, so too will Salvini and the people of Italy be blessed. Western Civilization is at stake.

    • Western Civilization has pretty much been destroyed, if we can hang onto the idea of “Rule of Law” and “Individual Rights” we will be able to maintain our freedom and rebuild Western Civilization. It will be a long and hard struggle to re-establish the full rule of law where the law is what the words in the legal code say rather then what an activist Judge says but it will have to be done if freedom is to survive.

  2. Why the rest of Italy is watching Tuscany’s regional elections closely

    Seven Italian regions go to the polls for regional elections on Sunday and Monday. But the close-run vote in Tuscany could decide the course of the country’s political future.

    People in seven of italy’s 20 regions head to the polls this weekend for a referendum and regional polls. In Tuscany, analysts say the vote could change the face of the far-right.

    It will be the first test for Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s centre-left coalition government since the Covid-19 outbreak and the economically-crippling nationwide lockdown that followed.

    “A landslide for the right would push the government in Rome into disarray,” Berenberg analyst Florian Hense told AFP.

    It could also seal the fate of far-right League head Matteo Salvini; potentially launching the opposition leader back to stardom should his party snatch the left-wing bastion of Tuscany – or handing his challengers the ammunition to replace him as party head should it lose.



    the guardian – Far right set to make gains as Italians vote in regional elections

    Italian PM’s popularity has dipped as national coalition faces its first test since the coronavirus outbreak

    […]Italians will vote in seven regional elections on Sunday and Monday – the first major electoral test for the fragile national coalition since the coronavirus outbreak – with the far right poised to make significant gains.

    […]Polling indicates that the race is going to be extremely tight in Tuscany, a leftwing bastion for over 50 years where the League has captured several towns and cities in recent years, and in Puglia, where the PD’s incumbent president, Michele Emiliano, is competing against a Brothers of Italy candidate.


    Friday September 18 2020 – Huge crowd for Salvini in Florence – a left-wing stonghold

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