Watching a number of events for escalations and flash points: Links 2, September 19, 2020

1. Funny, not that long ago and during a more comprehensive lock down, protestors were actually tearing down statues representing crucial British history, and police did nothing to them.

2. Melbourne Australia: People undaunted by the Soviet era tactics of Dan Brown are out protesting anyway

3. When an establishment figure goes against the narrative. Here is a link to the whole interview.

(At the end of the day, its something very much like the Flu.)

4. Please watch the video at this link and read the article. We may post the video elsewhere if it dissapears. But its quite worth watching on another “Autonomous Zone” in the US where elected officials are giving in to terrorists.

5. 16 to 20 THOUSAND vehicles supporting President Trump in Cincinnati

6. Getting ready to riot over RBG replacement

7. Indian news clip on how Erdogan is undoing all the gains of Kamal Ataturk and his secularization of that bridge nation between Asia and Europe.

8. Great Britain to ramp up punishments for failing to isolate if requested to do so

Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., Hellequin GB., Pym Purnell and MANY more working through the weekend to see that we can keep a handle on reality.

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15 Replies to “Watching a number of events for escalations and flash points: Links 2, September 19, 2020”

    • The author left several things out of his equation, the real big part he left out is the voters. He is talking about how the Repub Senators may decide not to vote for anyone before the election! Yeah Right, the voters are going to be watching and any Repub Senator who votes against the person picks is risking the voters kicking them out of office.

      The conservatives know that this is a chance to get a 6 – 3 Court that will be Conservative. This will mean they will be very upset with any person who refuses to vote for the new SCOTUS pick. Yes this will piss off the Dems but as Tim Poole said in the video I posted today I can run faster scared then you can mad. Think about how scared the Repub voters will be that if the new Court pick isn’t confirmed before the election the Dems will be able (some way) to crook the election result and Biden then picks another uber liberal for the court with Roberts siding with the Dems a lot of the time.

      Then there is the threat by the Dems to burn things down if the Trump picks and the Senate confirms a Judge before the election. Are the politicians going to want to look cowardly? Especially since these are the same people who are threatening to riot if Biden isn’t elected, in some cases they are adding by a land slide.

      Trump is right he has to nominate some one fast and the Repubs have to confirm that pick before the election. That is what offers the best (although very slim) chance to avoid violence. In another thread I wrote about what would happen if the choice is thrown to the House of Representatives. That would/will generate a lot more violence then seating a new Justice before the election will.

      When thinking about the article note how the author spent a lot of time talking about the Dems taking control of the Senate but ignored the equally likely clean sweep by the Repubs where the Presidency and both houses of Congress are controlled by the Repubs.

  1. 7 – With winter coming to the mountains I thought India was going to be less important, looks like their papers and TV stations are going to be needed for takes on what is going on in Turkey.

  2. ITEM 4 – Some two days ago, FOX (FNN) had a video clip of a Black woman complaining about the lack of police assistance/presence. Crazy as hell but it seemed to me she supports the Defund the Police City Council motion.

    In view of the utter mayhem that is destroying the city as a result of Defund the Police, these dimwit citizens deserve what they are getting.

    • “Speech: Donald Trump Holds a Campaign Rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina – September 19, 2020”
      Factbase Videos – September 19, 2020

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