Texas State Senator Bob Hall & Front line doctors discuss treating Covid 19 with HCQ and the strange politics surrounding it

One of the most curious aspects of these deceptive times we live in, is the corruption of major scientific periodicals like The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine, as well as others who posted phoney articles discrediting the use of Hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid 19.

Yet In 2005, Fauci himself endorsed its use for the treatment of Corona virus.

There seems to be a lot of effort and deception used to stop a treatment for this pandemic alleged to be so terrible it justifies the complete shut down of much of the economy and the total fiat removal of our most basic rights including travel, freedom of association, as well as great pressure on what we are allowed to say about both the disease, and even the origin of the disease.

Something feels quite seriously off kilter.

Here is a segment of the Zoom meeting with US Senator, Bob Hall and several front line doctors who have a lot of experience treating Covid patients, including very elderly ones in care facilities.

For the full video please click through to Facebook here.

(Thank you for the correction in the title of the Senator Bruce Hall)


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2 Replies to “Texas State Senator Bob Hall & Front line doctors discuss treating Covid 19 with HCQ and the strange politics surrounding it”

  1. You should correct the introductory text which reads “U.S. Senator” to Texas State Senator. That said, it’s an interesting roundtable discussion.

  2. I thought what they thought, that the “pandemic” would be over by now largely because of the hydroxychloroquine treatment. I foresaw that the “curve” would be almost immediately flattened, pressure would come off the medical system, and things would settle back into normalcy as quickly as possible. Then this anti-HCQ Jihad came along and the lock-downs and masks are still with us as HCQ is being slandered as useless and even dangerous.

    But it’s better on the internet now than it was a few weeks ago. The word is slowly leaking out from front-line doctors like these ones and more info is getting out there than before. I think this is probably the most important issue of all at the moment. Trump will win if he can get the message out that the Democrats have been literally preventing sick people from getting the only known cure for the coronavirus…

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