Protest Camp at War Memorial continues, gets more better signage

The Camp of Protest against Trudeau is still going strong at the War Memorial and they have some great new signage.

We were told that just this morning, the government came and installed this sign.

Some of the issues the anti-Trudeau protestors are concerned with…

To catch up with what this protest is about, please see this RAIR Foundation article and video:


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One Reply to “Protest Camp at War Memorial continues, gets more better signage”

  1. Intelligent and courageous man, determined group.
    What to do against the ‘No camping’ sign? I figure it’s federal property, thus it belongs to the taxpayer as long as it doesn’t present a physical danger to the Government PMO.

    I guess, by now, he knows this:

    AND is he a married man? Just asking.

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