Communism’s extrajudicial processes appear to have replaced rule of law at all levels: Links 1, July 17, 2020

1. Greg Hunter lists some of the events which in fact detail how Marxist thought determines law and law does not. Please see this comment:

2. News report on a major fire of a housing development in Seattle has suspicious origins, could be insurgents displaced from the briefly Communist occupied zone of Capital Hill?

3. Man who did not want to wear a mask in a store ends up shot dead by police in Ontario.

(This is a CBC link so you have to try and read into it, the questions that flesh out CBC lies of various kinds. One might be a lie of omission. Did this man have a criminal history for example? It is good that they mention an employee feels they shouldn’t have to enforce these fiat ‘laws’ about mask wearing.

Frances said workers shouldn’t have to enforce the mandatory mask policy issued by the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit. The policy, “Use of Non-Medical Masks in Commercial Establishments,” took effect on 12:01 am on Monday.

It’s causing chaos, she said.

“If we didn’t have to force him and … tell him that he couldn’t come into the store, nothing would have happened, really. He would have got his groceries and went along with his day.”

And this is how communism works. You make everyone all powerful when it comes to enforcing the arbitrary and always in flux edicts of the state. Just like Islam actually. Each person can destroy the next person with an accusation of blasphemy or kufar etc. etc. and in communism, failure to believe that day’s sum of 2+2, whatever that sum is said to be by the party that day.

A man in his 70s was shot dead by police. We know nothing about his background. Just that he didn’t want to wear a mask in a store which no one ever had to before around a week ago, and the clerk told him he had to and now he is dead, shot by 2 police.)

4. This is a cool Twitter thread. A real journalist watches CBC propagandists behaving in the opposite way to everything they say. At one point, police are nearly waiting for him and escort him away from CBC property. Interesting how one type of protest is encouraged and another illegally stopped.

This is worth reading a dozen tweets or so. The CBC, pushing all the Covid narratives, do not socially distance, and do not wear masks.

(It is a good feed. Check it out)

5. Looking at Theresa Tam, the history of Canadian handling of the pandemic, and her department’s connection to the WE scandal of Trudeau.

6. Like the word that starts with a letter between M&O, saying “all lives matter” is grounds for destruction in our society which no longer uses law in any recognizable form, but destroys people without trial, explanation, context or even legislation which details what is and is not a crime, using Marxist thought. Link to the article here.

(FWIW this site thinks your life matters to the extent that a person makes it matter by their actions. Charles Manson and his minion’s lives do not matter as much as someone who invents cures for diseases or in anyway reduces the sum total of human suffering)

7. Trudeau Government Gives Chinese Government-Controlled Company Contract For Security Equipment In 170 Of Our Embassies

As reported by the National Post, The Trudeau Liberal government has awarded a Chinese Communist Government controlled company with a contract to supply security equipment for 170 Canadian embassies:

8. Britain in the cross-hairs: China carrying out MASSIVE infiltration attack on UK

BRITAIN is most at risk of being victim of an infiltration attack by China, a leading expert on the Chinese Government has warned.

Mareike Ohlberg, co-author of a book on the inner-workings of the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP), claimed China is capable of exerting influence over senior UK officials more successfully than any other European nation. The claims were made in a book titled “Hidden Hand: Exposing How the Chinese Communist Party Is Reshaping the World”.

(That feels like its a little late in coming as news. Worse in Canada probably)

9. Melanie Philips writes about the letter of resignation to the NYT by Bari Weiss.

10. Winston Smith found his way to the tombstone of a dog, dead for 100 years.

It comes at a time when institutions across the country are re-considering statues and monuments in the wake of the Black Lives Matter civil rights campaign. A spokesman for the council said: ‘We can confirm the historical gravestone in memory of a loved pet was removed.

Once again proving that the historical revisionist, Winston Smith, is not just the only person still working during the Covid lockdown, but is working triple shifts and clearly is an essential service. To the communist overlords.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Pym Purnell, ET., EB., Yucki, Johnny U., Malca, Chris Jones, Sassy, and everyone who still even remembers what freedom, democracy, individualism and rule of law was like.

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4 Replies to “Communism’s extrajudicial processes appear to have replaced rule of law at all levels: Links 1, July 17, 2020”

  1. 3. “It is good that they mention an employee feels they shouldn’t have to enforce these fiat ‘laws’ about mask wearing.”

    The law is about Citizen’s Rights. The store knows for example, a Citizen can smoke cigarettes in the open, but not in public places. And now, in exactly these same places, non-smokers can be mask-free-and-wear-a-mask, too.

    If masks could be sold as smoker’s aid-wear to say prevent seeing stained teeth, then young non-smokers can look up to them, with zero complaints and 100% compliance. The herd insistance.

    And no smoker ever defended themself against the police if caught smoking in a lift, because defending an unalieable had been breed out of them. Smokers act from packs, needing to be told when and where to do it.

    And therefore, smoking saves lives. Preventing Citizens from stepping out to the edge of conciousness and having no freedoms to defend.

    This pavlovian effect can then be fully transfered to masks.

    Because ulitimately, when the Time Machine gets to our future, the Eloi will all be wearing masks and the Morlocks prevented smoking so they would not get cancer.

    • The answer to face masks is a very simple one.

      Local councils regulate all trading licences.

      They already stipulate ages for alcohol and sex premises.

      Just tell shops to only permit their customers in masks.

      Supermarkets dump millions of plastic bags into the environment. Governments caught on, and they charged so that they can milk a profit.

      Do the same then with masks.

      Except, the Socialists are being superceeded by Communists and so it is not just this skimming anymore, they want the whole deal.

  2. Desecrating graves is what The Left do.
    That Useful Idiots openly do it, to retrospectively change their rule, is a crime of history. Put a warning sign around it, “the faint hearted my not enter,” but what a out the millions they could have raised as a pilgrimige to a more innocent time, or just the Far Far Left of fatherless boy chanting about themselves being the Chosen Men?

    Marxism doesn’t change. The dead are their demons.

    “In 1977, campaigners against bloodsports vandalised the grave of the celebrated Victorian huntsman John Peel, at the village churchyard in Caldbeck, Cumbria. His headstone was broken and the head of a stuffed fox was thrown into the grave. A note left beside it read: “John Peel has blown his last horn and the fox has had the last laugh.”

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