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12 Replies to “The Rebel releases its video of ANTIFA controlling the space in front of City Hall Toronto, with the city’s help”

  1. https://www.foxnews.com/tech/youtube-bans-david-duke-richard-spencer-hate-speech

    Well, looky here. YouTube is banning David Duke and Richard Spencer for being “Nazis” as they also throw Stephen Molyneaux onto the pile and ban his site for the same reason. I don’t know about the first two guys but I’ve watched lots of Molyneau’s videos and I can assure you he is nothing like a Nazi, he’s just fairly conservative. The only reason they are banning Stephen is that he is not a left-wing fanatic like Susan Wojcicki (YouTube CEO) and they have finally found a way to get him. Gotcha!

    When is the government going to revoke these companies’ special privileges and make them admit they are partisan entities and not the impartial pubic platforms they pretend to be…? And now Reddit is de-platforming the President of the United States? Priceless!

    I do admit Stephen Molyneaux had appeared with Lauren Southern and she once wore a T-shirt that said it was “OK to be white” so I guess that makes Stephen exactly the same as Adolf Hitler, if not just a little worse…

  2. What these Canadian cops are doing is encouraging the “heckler’s veto”. How it works is that any time a person decides they don’t like what you are saying they start violent obnoxious trouble which causes the security to come over to you and blame you for provoking the trouble and then make you shut your mouth so the trouble will stop. Cute trick – right out of the Hitler/Stalin/Beria handbook… With a pinch of Mao and a dash of Lenin…

    If we’re not careful they’re going to succeed in silencing every conservative voice in the world and then they will devour us like wolves. Imagine if the entire internet was like CNN or MSNBC – everything else banned as hate speech… Hannity, banned. Tucker, banned. Candace Owens, banned. Stephen Crowder, banned. Laura Ingram, banned… Get the idea…? Lou Dobbs, banned. Anybody called “Huckabee”, banned… It’s certainly what they are trying to accomplish, isn’t it…?

    • What the Canadian press is doing is encouraging the “hecklers veto”. How it works, a Muslim member of parliament introduces a motion (M-103), the CTV and CBC and so-called newspapers do not speak or write about the motion twenty four / seven, the old what they don’t know, won’t hurt them strategy is used. The motion passes, large amounts of money, millions of dollars are given to Islamic groups in Canada to help “them” protect Muslims to identify hate speech. The group of people most targeted for hate speech are the Jewish people.

      Justine Trudeau and his collaborators raved on for a couple of weeks, 24/7 About the hijab girl. The bleeding heart, useful idiots jumped on the band wagon.
      A 21 year old Muslim male, beats a 75 year old, Christian lady whose only mistake that day was going for a walk in a park. She is found by other walkers and spends 14 months in a hospital and finally dies. Her husband, a retired missionary, dies suddenly a month after her beating took place. did CBC and CTV run this story, did the “major, so-called newspapers cover this story”? Did people go out and rave “no justice, no peace?

      The day following Sara’s brutal beating, a beating so severe, the doctor said he had never seen such a brutal assault in all his years of practice. The police announced they had made an arrest, a Windsor man named “Daniel”. Many days later citizens were informed of his real name Habibullah Ahmadi, and after that there was a total shit down of any information about this person. Where did he live, was he Canadian, did he have family, did he work, did he go to school, nothing was ever reported, no picture of him, absolutely nothing.
      Did Kathleen Wynn, Justine Trudeau and his collaborators have anything to say, NO, not a damn word.

      There was an announcement that the murder trial was scheduled for January 2019, then early this year the trial date and place was changed, it would be moved to Chatham, Ontario and begin on March 16, 2020. Then COVID 19 shut down the courts and of course, the murder trial was put on hold. The courts are now operating again, but why can one not find out anything about the trial of Habibullah Ahmadi?

      Where does a person turn for answers? Go and talk to a newspaper person, look them in the eye, tell them the story of Sara Anne Widholm, watch the lips tighten, the head bobbing, ask them to look into this court date and they will reassure they will do just that and then the gutless, coward will fade into the distance.

      Well Chris, if we are not careful we may all succeed in becoming, hollow, pathetic, uncaring “social justice warriors”. We can all go out in the public square and bitch and scream about our unjust society. Everytime I read or hear “Black Lives Matter”, I want to scream “What about Sara Anne Widholm, did her life not matter?

      I know some might and will say, I should let this go, but I ain’t gonna do that. I ask all people reading this, Have we reach such a low level in this life, that we not longer care or are enraged that a 21 year old male can beat a 75 year old woman to death? What if Sara had been your mother, wife, grandmother, friend, or neighbour?

      The mouthy, little cowards out in the streets of Canada and the US, the Antifa, the Black Lives Matter, the Muslim Brotherhood hoods screech “No justice, no peace”, perhaps they are right, perhaps as a society we should go out and hunt Down the killers, rapists, the thugs and make them pay dearly.

      • Sara and Alfred’s son Eric, of Georgia did say:
        “ We are trusting the CROWN to do due diligence in this matter and show the community of Windsor and ALL of Canada that they are looking out for the best interest of their citizens and to be strong and faithful advocates for JUSTICE and the protection of the innocent”.

  3. Those occupiers are mutants. They are brain-washed and are literally infected with the pathogen of cultural marxism.

    • A cult. They need to be set apart, quarantined. Re-education, like denazification, might redeem them.
      Eventually Mao sent his Red Guards down to the countryside to learn from the peasants.

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