RT banned from attending ‘press freedom conference’ in the UK

This seems like a good time to restore the video of the RT presentation at OSCE last year. I find RT’s presentation fits the facts, and very often their reporting is far closer to an accurate representation of the facts in many cases than is the socialist media, BBC, CBC etc.

Direct link: https://d.tube/v/vladtepesblog/QmWRpGc9qtgm6QBhxKKaBdLYq5XDyVVWfomAJG69uUC9Gc


UK among the worst in western Europe for press freedom

(I would like to have a close look at the metric used to determine this. The UK, stunningly and at the moment, has far more press freedom than Canada does. But that does not mean it has press freedom. Its like saying Poland had more freedom than the Czech Republic during the Cold War. But no one outside of the Soviet Union’s Iron Curtain save George Orwell seemed to understand how little freedom there was behind it at all.)

Latest global ranking places Britain behind Uruguay, Samoa and Chile for restrictions on reporters

The UK has one of the worst environments for press freedom in western Europe, according to a global ranking that places Britain below the likes of Uruguay, Samoa, and Chile for restrictions on reporters as they seek to hold power to account.


Reporters Without Borders, which campaigns for journalistic freedoms, said the UK ranked 40th out of 180 countries on its annual World Press Freedom Index, leaving it ranked between Trinidad & Tobago and Burkina Faso.


The campaigning organisation cited proposals to introduce tougher press regulation, the government’s campaign to limit encryption on services such as WhatsApp, and restrictions by Labour and the Conservatives on journalists’ access to politicians during the 2017 general election as evidence of a “heavy-handed” approach towards the media in the UK.

(This was April 25th, 2018. Depending on how one views the events surrounding Tommy Robinson, I would think that ranking would now drop quite a bit. Somewhere approaching Turkey.)

Another RT article on the ban:

RT’s ban from media freedom conference shows British irony is alive and well

Britain’s Foreign Office can’t keep its diplomatic secrets, but it has managed to keep its sense of irony, and banned RT from attending a conference on media freedom.


A spokeswoman told British

media: “We have not accredited RT or Sputnik because of their active role in spreading disinformation.”  

The accusation of ‘disinformation’ is the exclusive view of the Foreign Office, because it’s worth remembering that while RT has been censured by OFCOM (like every other broadcaster in Britain), it still operates freely under a license from the broadcasting watchdog, so this claim of disinformation is at best subjective.


After it was prevented from attending the Global Conference for Media Freedom: London 2019, RT replied:

“It takes a particular brand of hypocrisy to advocate for freedom of press while banning inconvenient voices and slandering alternative media.”

(TR and especially Sputnik tend to tell truths about events that interfere with the deliberate Media coverup on Islamic and migrant crimes which is the lynchpin of the government media complex. There are likely many places where the rules can be found. Here is a short list:

RESPECT WORDS: guidelines on reporting about migrants and …

Reporting diversity – Society of Editors


Using Startpage.com and searching for “Union of journalists rules for minority reporting” will give you a mighty list. Curiously other search engines do not so much in my search just now.

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2 Replies to “RT banned from attending ‘press freedom conference’ in the UK”

  1. Russia Today are more sophisticated at trolling Socialists (because they have had decades of practice).

    Where it was once Marxists giving out the free stuff, they then got you to virtue-signal giving out the same free stuff on to immigrants, and then you stroked for LGTBQ+ orgasms to allow immigrants to give out the same free stuff on to hostile agents.

    Somewhere in the haze of self-congratulation and massive debt, the UK government know there’s a revolution coming. But not from where.

  2. It is a very sad state of affairs when the Russian news organizations are more reliable then the corporate media sources in the west.

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