Social media and government Orwellianism, Muslim rape and murder: Links 1, July 10, 2019

1. Has Facebook hit peak selective enforcement?

Facebook’s new “Community Standards” guidelines allow death threats or statements that could lead to death, so long as the target is someone Facebook considers a “dangerous person or organization” which includes PJ Watson, the author of the linked article. It really is time to SUDO away FB’s ability to reach your computer.

2. German court convicts Iraqi of raping, murdering teen

(Did Merkel put raping and murdering teens on German tourist brochures in the muslim world?)

A German court has convicted a rejected Iraqi asylum-seeker of raping and murdering a 14-year-old local girl and sentenced him to life in prison.


Ali Bashar’s conviction by the Wiesbaden state court on Wednesday followed a four-month trial in a case that fueled tensions over migration. News agency dpa reported that the court ruled there was a “particular severity of guilt,” meaning that he likely won’t be released after 15 years as is common in Germany.


The 22-year-old Bashar was convicted of assaulting and murdering Susanna Feldman in Wiesbaden in May 2018.

Interestingly, this article did not mention that the woman was Jewish. But this Breitbart article has a lot more information. It does not say if her ethnicity was the reason she was chosen for rape and murder, but if that is the case, it would explain his total lack of empathy. His islamic upbringing would make him not see his victim as worthy of life. He also had previous charges of raping children.

In a separate trial, Bashar is accused of twice raping an 11-year-old girl, who was believed to have also been sexually assaulted by an Afghan youth.

(With reporting like that, Breitbart will surely be banned from the next, “Freedom of the Press” conference in the UK)

3. And the truth on islam and killing people.

4. Washington, DC: NYU Brademas Center Panel Claims “Islamophobia” is “White Supremacy”

“Take a deep breath…This topic is heavy,” stated Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative (MuslimARC) cofounder Namira Islam on June 26 at New York University’s (NYU) Washington, DC, center. Speaking on the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s upholding of President Donald Trump’s temporary travel restriction, Islam’s panel presented “Islamophobia” as exemplary of an nonredeemable, bigoted America.


Alongside Vanessa Taylor, whose views I have previously discussed, Namira Islam, during the event “Beyond the Ban: Resisting Structural Islamophobia,” claimed that the Supreme Court’s 2018 decision “reflected a longer history of structural systems of oppression.” Considering “immoral policies” such as Trump’s falsely described “Muslim ban” prompted her to call upon the auditorium audience of about 40 to perform deep breathing relaxation exercises. These listeners included like-minded leftists including Institute for Policy Studies Michael Ratner Middle East Fellow Khury Petersen-Smith and National Religious Campaign against Torture Executive Director Ron Stief.

(The word, “Islam” means submission. This entire concept seems like a way of forcing people to submit to Islam because to do otherwise is that leftist, greatest of all evils, ‘White Supremacy’.)

5. Iran warns Britain of ‘repercussions’ over ship seizure

Iran’s president said Wednesday that Britain will face “repercussions” over the seizure of an Iranian supertanker last week that authorities in Gibraltar suspect was breaching European sanctions on oil shipments to Syria.


Hassan Rouhani was quoted by the official IRNA news agency as calling the seizure “mean and wrong” during a Cabinet meeting. “You are an initiator of insecurity and you will understand its repercussions,” he warned the British government, calling for the “full security” of international shipping lanes.


The tanker’s detention comes at a particularly sensitive time as tensions between the U.S. and Iran grow over the unraveling of the 2015 nuclear deal, from which President Donald Trump withdrew last year. In recent weeks, Iran has begun to openly breach limits on uranium enrichment set by the deal in order to pressure European signatories to salvage

6. Turkey Ignores E.U. Demand to Cease Illegal Drilling Off Cyprus

Turkey made clear on Wednesday it has no intention of heeding a European Union warning to cease illegal drilling activities off Cyprus.

The discovery of huge gas reserves in the eastern Mediterranean has sparked a dispute between E.U. member Cyprus and Turkey, with Ankara last month sending a second ship called Yavuz to search for natural resources in the region.


“The drilling activities of our ship Yavuz are based on legal and legitimate grounds,” the Turkish foreign ministry said in a statement.


The Cyprus Mailreports the  230-meter (750-foot) Yavuz drillship dropped anchor on Monday to the south of Cyprus‘ Karpasia peninsula, a jutting northeastern panhandle. It triggered a strong protest from Nicosia and stern words from the E.U. but little else could be physically done to stop the intrusion.

In June, E.U. leaders warned Turkey to end drilling in waters around the island or face action from the bloc.

(One cannot help but wonder that if the Greeks were not shackled by the EU, that they could be much more effective in defending their territorial resources than relying on the EU to write the Muslim Brotherhood home and new Caliphate, Turkey, a very angry letter.)

7. Italian Mayor Prepares Own Migrant Transport ‘Fleet’

The mayor of Naples announced his defiance to the anti-mass migration policies of interior minister Matteo Salvini, promising to launch his own migrant transport ships.

Naples mayor Luigi De Magistris has, along with other left-wing mayors, been a major opponent to the migrant policies of Mr Salvini and continues to tell the world that Naples’ ports are open despite the nationwide ban on allowing migrant transport NGOs into Italian waters, Il Giornalereports.


Now, according to De Magistris, the mayor would like to turn his words into action and has promised to organise a “fleet” of various vessels including “sailing ships, rafts and boats” to sail directly into the sea and pick up migrants to bring them back to Naples.


“In this country truth and reality are overturned,” he said and added, “those who save lives are arrested, like Carola; those who hold people in boats hostage have no consequences.”


German national Carola Rackete, captain of the migrant transport vessel Sea Watch-3, was arrested after storming into Italian waters with dozens of migrants on board despite being told she was not allowed to dock at an Italian port. During her actions, Rackete also rammed a patrol boat.

8. Italy Confiscates migrant transport ship launched only a week before

The prosecutor’s office of Agrigento has confirmed the seizure of the migrant transport ship the Alex after it brought 41 migrants to Lampedusa, as the government prepares to enact even larger fines against NGOs.

The ship, which is operated by the Italy-based NGO Mediterranea Saving Humans, was impounded this week and investigations have been launched against the commander of the ship Tommaso Stella and the head of the mission Erasmo Palazzotto, Il Giornalereports.


The two men are accused of facilitating illegal migration as well as resisting and disobeying a vessel belonging to Italian authorities. The NGO could also receive a fine of up to 65,000 euros.


The investigations follow another investigation into the head of Mediterranea Saving Humans Luca Casarini, who was interrogated by prosecutor Salvatore Vella in April in connection with aiding illegal migration.

(I hope they destroy the ships as well. This is critically important)

9. GET OFF FACEBOOK!!! Privacy Concerns Scare Me

Just a picture of a hulkish "trans-woman" trouncing a team of hijabis in a game of handball. #CurrentYear from metacanada

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3 Replies to “Social media and government Orwellianism, Muslim rape and murder: Links 1, July 10, 2019”

  1. 5 – Be sure are read the J>E> Dyrer article on this subject that I posted today.

    6 – Turkey is doing this knowing that the EU doesn’t really have the political will to go to war over Cyprus. They also know that there is a large amount of resistance in DC to everything that Trump does so they think we probably won’t move to stop them. They probably don’t think that Russia will do anything to help Greece because of the upcoming s400 sale to Turkey. If I were Putin I would consider making a friend out of Greece while driving a wedge between various members of NATO would be worth the loss of the s400 sale but that’s just me.

    1 – This is going to become a much bigger issue, partially because Facebook has opened up a glimpse of the coming civil war. As I have said many times it won’t be large units of people shooting at each other but rather a war of small units attacking infrastructure and assassinating people that one side or the other doesn’t like. Given how the left wing militieas have been operating they may start out using clubs to beat people to death rather then using guns, knives and explosive devices. This action by Facebook says that all who read and post on VTB need to start watching their backs. Not because we read and post on VTB but because we are opposing the actions of the left and at some point we have made this public.

  2. Charmer, Syed Abul Ala Maududi, the founder of the Pakistani political party Jamaat-e-Islami (Muslim Brotherhood, hood) said: “Non-Muslims have absolutely no right to seize the reins of power in any part of God’s earth nor to direct the collective affairs of human beings according to their own misconceived doctrines. If they do, the believers would be under an obligation to do their utmost to dislodge them from political power and to make them live in subservience to the Islamic way of life”.
    In this election year, I propose we Canadians do our outmost to dislodge Justine, and all the Liberals from political power, and if we are going to live our lives on a level playing field, we must make sure the following MPs are dislodged:
    OMAR ALGHABRA, Mississauga Center, The man who tried to introduce Shari’ah Law into Ontario when he was MP.
    IQRA KHALID (M-103) backbencher
    Salma Zahid, Scarborough Center
    Arif Virani, Parkdale-High Park
    Majid Jowhari, Richmond Hill
    Ali Ehsassi, Willowdale
    Yasmin Ratansi, Don Valley East
    AHMED HUSSEN, Immigration Minister, York South – Weston
    MARYAM MONSEF, Peterborough-Kawartha, MP for the Status of Women, who tweeted “and the Nikon ceremony is a great symbol of the whole matrimonial practice/process Shari’ah fascinates me”. Was she born in Iran or Afghanistan?
    Marian Tabbara, Kitchener South-Hespler

    Let us all pay close attention to “Tom Quiggin Reflects On His Complaint to The RCMP To Investigate Liberal Funding For Terrorism”

    Canadians need to be firing all the Liberals —No Party status.

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