Sea Watch and the German fake news

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Now for a proper perspective from the excellent German website: PI News:

The following article is translated from a PI News post from June 30th:

What is the current role of the German press in human trafficking?

This past Thursday, the Sea-Watch 3 invaded Italian territorial waters, contrary to an explicit ban by the country’s government. The German professional tugboat captain Carola Rackete, now in Italian custody, had taken in “42 refugees rescued from distress at sea” off the Libyan coast to present herself to the world as a noble saviour. For this she needed a port of destination (or maybe not), but all European countries had refused her up until then. You read correctly, every European, not only naughty Italy.

So on June 27th, with a grandstanding pose in front of the camera (0:21 min) she announces that she will enter the port of Lampedusa: “I will proceed into the port. Be informed! I will proceed into the port. Over.”

That’s just what a noble person from Germany does, who wants to serve as a role model for the world. The cameras for the show were provided by NDR (German taxpayer funded TV), which was “embedded” on the Seawatch with two journalists. Why were they there and since when? Just two of several questions that the critical observer has to ask himself. The NDR journalists had reported this from the Sea Watch before entering the Italian port:

From reporter Jonas Schreieck:

After pictures showing the unfortunate condition of the poor “refugees” (0:33 min), Schreieck says that the mood is tense, that nearby Lampedusa is, “only a stone’s throw away”, “was a glimmer of hope for the rescued”, but alas now the police are on board. Then the presenter of the programme adds that the Italian Minister of the Interior (Salvini) is known as a “loud mouthed right-wing populist” and held a speech full of rage.

Second reporter Nadia Kailouili in video from 27.06.2019 (from 0:31 min) says:

“Yes, the captain went into the territorial waters of Italy yesterday. She has had rescued people on board for more than 15 days now and since then has not received any promise from a European port to take the people to safety.” Kailouili also describes the contact with the Italian authorities as a deplorable condition of the poor “refugees”.

As you can see, the establishment’s reporting is right in line with Merkel’s state doctrine, no critical questions. However, we at PI-NEWS as a non-mainstream news blog would have liked to have an answer to these following questions :

1. Since when have NDR journalists been at Sea-Watch? For how long was the stay planned, how long was it actually?
2. Were they only there as a couple or with other employees (camera, sound) on board? How many in total?
3. What was the reason for the NDR employees to go on board?

4. Were the circumstances of the “rescue” questioned (position of the damaged boat, why it became unseaworthy, cooperation of Sea-Watch with the human trafficking mafia)? If so, when will it be reported?
5.Is/was the NDR aware that Interior Minister Salvini would probably have let the refugees ashore immediately if other European countries had agreed to accept them?
6. How did the NDR journalists get on board (helicopter, ship)?
7. How much did the transfer of the NDR team to Italy and from there to the ship cost, as well as the entire stay (approximate information)?

We kindly ask the NDR to answer these questions. As usual, we will publish the answer unchanged and unabridged. But since we know that transparency and openness are not the strength of the NDR, we rather expect that the NDR will not answer us. Of course, the broadcaster knows about this article, because the employees regularly read along on our website. Furthermore, with the publication of this article, we also sent a mail with the link to the NDR.

In addition, we would like to ask our readers to address some of the questions to the NDR in a slightly modified form. Should you receive an answer, we will be happy to publish it on PI-NEWS.

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  1. 7. How much did the transfer of the NDR team to Italy and from there to the ship cost, as well as the entire stay (approximate information)?

    As usual, follow the money. Qui bono. Cost = $10,000 MINIMUM. I’ve operated video cameras and done location shoots. If anything, their airdrop onto the boat alone burned $10k.

    Question: Does anyone think that the German video crew parachuted in with a crate of food and water for the starving refugees?


    PS: Eeyore, however tedious to generate, the video timeline narrative was exceptionally useful. Watching this trash float around while they squirt Dr. Timothy’s sun cream all over their pasty African cheeks to protect them from the Kleig lights is enough to make me reach for Rita’s vomit bucket.

    By and large, I can no longer watch this filth. My stress levels spike watching this ongoing Global Cultural Genocide against the White race. A synopsis like yours enables a reader to comment without wading through the usual morass of shit.

      • Thank you, Matt. You are a guiding light for the ACWII (American Civil War II) movement. Your early work, “When the Music Stops”, was seminal just like Wretchard’s, “The Three Conjectures”.

        Both papers draw inescapable conclusions that cannot be considered as optional. Failure to comprehend, in either case, is fatal.

        Your, “Piss Koran”, was a masterpiece of reciprocity. If Islam received that sort of mirror-image pushback at every turn, the Bedouins still would be herding goats and the Twin Towers would continue to stand.

        Stay strong and please keep up the excellent work. I’ve yet to read a word of yours that wasn’t thoroughly enjoyable and informative, all at the same time. That’s no mean feat. Kudos.


  2. Thousands of people have donated money to cover the legal costs of a German woman arrested after the humanitarian rescue ship she captained docked in Italy in defiance of the country’s anti-migrant interior minister.

    German television celebrities had appealed to the public to financially support Carola Rackete, soliciting more than 300,000 euros ($341,400) by early Sunday.

    Rackete was arrested early Saturday after her ship, the Sea-Watch 3 with 40 rescued migrants on board, rammed an Italian border police motorboat that was blocking Sea-Watch 3’s path to the dock in Lampedusa.

    No one was injured but the motorboat’s side was damaged. If convicted, the 31-year-old risks up to 10 years in prison.

    She also risks a fine as high as 50,000 euros ($58,000) under a law cracking down on private rescue vessels.


    A lawyer says the captain of a migrant rescue ship intended no harm when she hit an Italian border police motorboat while trying to bring 40 migrants to port in Italy’s southern Lampedusa island without authorization.

    The lawyer, Salvatore Tesoriero, told reporters Sunday that Sea-Watch 3 captain Carola Rackete “had no intention of hurting anyone” when she steered the ship operated by German nonprofit group Sea-Watch toward the dock and rammed the police patrol boat.

    The 31-year-old Rackete is under house arrest. Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini called her a “criminal” who committed an “act of war” by ignoring orders to keep out of Italy’s waters.

    Tesoriero says Rackete only wanted to help “desperate” migrants and get them safely to land. Sea-Watch 3 picked up the 40 migrants off Libya on June 12. The 31-year-old captain spent weeks in a standoff with Italian authorities over whether her passengers would be allowed to disembark.

    Before dawn Saturday, Rackete plowed ahead, determined not to let the police motorboat stand in her path. According to Italian news reports, some of the officers on the motorboat jumped onto the dock for safety.

    At Italy’s insistence, five fellow European Nations said they would take the 40 migrants from Sea-Watch 3.

    Spanish rescue ship now bound for Italian island

    A Spanish humanitarian group says its rescue vessel spotted 40 severely dehydrated migrants whose boat is now being escorted to the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa by Italy’s coast guard.

    Proactiva Open Arms spokeswoman Laura Lanuza told The Associated Press that three pregnant women and four children are among the people on the migrant boat that departed Libya three days ago.

    She says the crew of the aid group’s ship, Open Arms, noticed the boat Sunday morning and pulled alongside. Doctors on the Open Arms noted the dehydrated passengers and they were given water.

    Lanuza says Malta’s coast guard was contacted but an Italian coast guard vessel arrived to escort the migrants because their boat was closer to Lampedusa than to Malta.

    The captain of a German group’s rescue ship disobeyed orders from Italian authorities and entered Lampedusa’s port Saturday to disembark 40 rescued migrants.

  3. Those were all good questions being ask of the German TV network, don’t hold your breath waiting for answers.

  4. Sunday June 30th 2019 – 55 migrants on the Spanish boat “Proactiva Open Arms” — being escorted to Lampedusa — some of them will be transfered to Pozzallo in Sicily

  5. «Sea-Watch 3» – Steinmeier kritisiert Italien

    Bundespräsident Frank-Walter Steinmeier hat Italien wegen der Festnahme der deutschen Sea-Watch-Kapitänin Carola Rackete kritisiert. Im Sommerinterview des ZDF stellte er das Vorgehen der Regierung in Rom gegen die Seenotretter in Frage.

    […]«Nur: Italien ist nicht irgendein Staat. Italien ist inmitten der Europäischen Union, ist Gründungsstaat der Europäischen Union. Und deshalb dürfen wir von einem Land wie Italien erwarten, dass man mit einem solchen Fall anders umgeht.»

    […]Bundesaußenminister Heiko Maas (SPD) schaltete sich am Samstag via Twitter ein: «Seenotrettung darf nicht kriminalisiert werden. Es ist an der italienischen Justiz, die Vorwürfe schnell zu klären.» Menschenleben zu retten, sei eine humanitäre Verpflichtung.

    […]Aus Deutschland erreichte die Kapitänin eine Welle der Solidarität. Die Fernsehmoderatoren Jan Böhmermann und Klaas Heufer-Umlauf riefen zu Spenden für die Seenotretter auf. Das wirkte: Bis Sonntagnachmittag kam bereits mehr als eine halbe Million Euro zusammen. «Mit den Ereignissen der letzten Tage hat diese unmenschliche, kaltblütige und skrupellose Politik einen neuen Tiefpunkt erreicht», sagte Böhmermann. Der Youtuber Rezo unterstützte die Aktion und nannte es «abgefuckt», dass Rackete verhaftet wurde.

    […]Die Europaabgeordnete der Linken, Özlem Demirel, erklärte: «Carola Rackete gehört nicht hinter Gitter, sondern verdient einen Orden für ihre Courage und Menschlichkeit.»

    […]Der Ratsvorsitzende der Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland (EKD), Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, nannte Racketes Festnahme «eine Schande für Europa». «Eine junge Frau wird in einem europäischen Land verhaftet, weil sie Menschenleben gerettet hat und die geretteten Menschen sicher an Land bringen will», erklärte der Landesbischof. Dies mache ihn traurig und zornig.
    ZDF-Sommerinterview mit Bundespräsident Steinmeier

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