Deep mystery around shooter of imam of Brest mosque, and his motives.

In news, now typical of the former republic of France, a poorly executed execution of an imam in France took place on Thursday, June 27, 2019.

Here are images of the letter that the alleged ‘assassin’ sent to the mosque, and every major media source he could, before he went forth to lightly wound the imam of Brest, with three shots. One to the phone, which injured a finger, one to the thigh but not near the femoral artery, and one shot to the calf muscle.

The shooter’s ID:

Translation of the letter:

I am sending you this message to protect the life of my family and mine. First of all, let me introduce myself, my name is Karl Foyer, I am 21 years old, living in Lyon [French City] since about 3 years.

I am a simple person, without any problem with an ordinary life. I have worked in multiple fields. I have been a busser, a kitchen assistant, a delivery guy an order packer. My last job was cleaning person.

Thursday 18th April around 11:30 PM, while I was coming back home after my job shift, a black van was parked next to the spot where I’m used to park. I had never seen it before. As soon as I closed the door of my car, the sliding-door of the van was opening then 3 hooded men went out, they forced me to get into the van. I was terrified. Once inside, they dazzled me with a flashlight and force me to sit down to the ground. Then, one of the men started telling personal informations about my life, that only me could know, informations on my family that none else could know. Its at this moment I knew I was facing very serious people. Once they made me understand they knew the adress and very confidential information on me and my family, they ordered me to slit the throat of the Brest Imam Rachid Eljay, and to push a french flag in his anus. He said I had to do it between 15th of June and 30th. I asked why this man, what he did, and he punched my stomach as an answer. He said that if I didnt kill him, it would be my mother, my father my sister and me who would be killed. Then he put a note in my pocket on which was written “Brest Imam Rachid Eljay, 15-30 june, French flag anus, knife throat”.

I have no information on these persons besides they were 4 I think but I’m not sure, and that one of the men received a phonecall, the name displayed was Patrick Calvar, beside this I know nothing else.

It must be a powerful mafia that use me to kill one of their enemies. He also told me that they would know if I went to the police and that it would be useless anyway. I guess they must have relations with the cops. <b>Just before getting me out of the van, they implanted me a kind of microchip in the arm.</b>

I have to kill him, if I do not do it they will kil my family. Concerning myself, I guess they will kill me anyway, I know too much, they wouldnt take the risk to let me live, that’s why I am sending you this message, if the medias and the internet are aware of this story, then maybe I have a chance to stay alive. They wouldnt take the risk to kill me if everyone was aware.

I am sincerely sorry for the relatives of Rachid Eljay, I have no choice, either I kill him or my familly and myself would be killed. Thanks for publishing et sharing this message, my life relies on it!

I am writing this message just before taking the action. After the action, I will try to extract the microchip and to hide as long as possible. If they find me quickly tell to my mother that I love her.


Here is a combination of two videos on the Brest Imam event:

Direct link:

Video link

This appears to be the imam that was lightly shot three times in France, from a video we did several years ago.

Bottom line:

No matter if this guy is telling the truth, or a paranoid nut like the people who shot Ronald Raegan or John Lennon, whatever his motives are, they are not “islamophobia” and therefore, any attempt by the government to use this event to crack down, New Zealand style, against freedom to criticize Islam, or non-communist groups, is likely a false flag at least in one sense, or at best, a use of a crisis in a very dishonest way.

Thank you very much, M., Ava Lon, and Gavin Boby all of whom added materials, thought and work into this post.

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6 Replies to “Deep mystery around shooter of imam of Brest mosque, and his motives.”

  1. It sounds like a real nut did the shooting and that the government is using this shooting to crack down on the people who still think for themselves.

    • If he’s a nut, he wrote the letter very calmy. Only at the end does he make grammatical errors. An emotionless letter, both in the calligraphy and narration.

      Strange that he saw Patrick Calvar’s name on the incoming phone call.
      Who is Patrick Calvar:

      And then, there is this, whoever this guy is:

      Patrick Calvar, code name the Pink Panther, was Head of the French Security Services. His nickname is Black Death. Look at the way he’s censored the internet in France, ‘private’, ‘deleted’!. He’s a Jesuit, and works closely with the Black Pope. Globalists like him enjoy a State of Emergency, because it empowers them, they get to ban everything.

      And he writes more about Calvar as elite member of New World Order.
      Read the text below the video.

      • Not working. Here is cut/paste: Last updated on Oct 2, 2018 Paul Newsom

        Patrick Calvar, code name the Pink Panther, was Head of the French Security Services. His nickname is Black Death. Look at the way he’s censored the internet in France, ‘private’, ‘deleted’!. He’s a Jesuit, and works closely with the Black Pope. Globalists like him enjoy a State of Emergency, because it empowers them, they get to ban everything. One day he’s going to walk into a trap, and when he does I’m going to have a really good laugh. When you think of all of the misery he’s caused the people of France, I think they’ll make that day a Bank Holiday.

        A reliable source said that he is gender fluid. Of course that does open him up to blackmail, presenting a serious security risk, but these are minor details. As a member of the European elite he was given a guest pass to Bohemian Grove, famous for being the playground of the New World Order. He also believes in fate, and often flips a coin when making important decisions, something Hitler and the Bilderberg elites do or did! Of course his services at Bilderberg are indispensable to the Shadow Government that the Globalists have undemocratically setup behind our backs. Bilderberg is where all of the people who enjoy the Bohemian Grove experience get down to work as generals in the ongoing work of the World Shadow Government.

        Because France is under emergency powers – State of Emergency – Patrick Calvar’s secret police can re-write the past, when you see things disappear on YouTube you know who did it. He gained worldwide fame after attending the French National Assembly, and exposing his Globalist views. It became an international story, recognising his blunder, he’s subsequently been removing this information, but his censorship has further revealed his hand. He keeps digging himself deeper.

        Revealing that he’s not as smart as he’d have you believe; the reason for his success is as a result of being a member of a hidden cult. That’s called cheating, cheats aren’t smart, they’re stupid. Secrecy is repugnant, so what does that make him? As Head of all of France’s Intelligence Services he is licensed to authorise killings. How many people has he murdered? No one knows, how many fatherless children has he made into his mortal enemies? No one knows, but from what I’ve heard, I wouldn’t be in his shoes if you paid me!

        By giving one man the power of King, over life and death, puts France on the downward spiral. The French people have declared war on humanity.

        As the Head there aren’t any checks and balances to make sure that his authority isn’t being abused. This makes him the most powerful, and feared man on mainland Europe.

        He is head of the French Gestapo, a semi-legal group that are government appointed but who are controlled by the World Shadow Government. It’s treason in one way, and legal on the other, depends whose side you’re on.

        He is a Knight of Malta, so are all of the top members of the French government. It’s an international cult controlled by the Jesuits. He is a prominent member of the Cult of Moloch, the most secretive, and powerful occult group on earth, no one messes with them. Just remember that. He has full access to your smartphone. The Brigade of Electronic Warfare has developed secret miniaturised weapons, which the media is silent about.

        Please take note of the deleted and unavailable videos below, under him France has been heavily censored, and lost many of its hard fought for freedoms. He’s also using the data protection laws to wipe the public memory clean.

        He uses the right to forget laws, this EU Law is pure Communism. If you want to know if Europe is a communist state, then try and find information on him, the most powerful man in Europe. There’s an old saying, ‘make friend’s on the way up, because you’ll need them on the way down’. He’s forgotten that his time in office is relatively short. He’s failed to make any friends, he’s been too keen to enforce the Globalist agenda.

        Many of his predecessors have been found at home dead, comparatively very young. He has too many secrets, he knows where the skeletons are, old men love to reminisce, deathbed confessions, men who see themselves as a god are easily flattered, Pharaoh would cut their tongue out.

        Patrick made it to the top, not because he’s smart, but because he’s been compromised.

        The deleted videos below: The first is about his speech to the National Assembly, giving details of his involvement with the New World Order.

        The second is the ninth video down, it’s where he lives. Muslim violence that he helped bring in, means that we’ve all lost our freedoms.

        The third is a Bilderberg list with his name on it.

        The fourth is an interview with the top man for external Intelligence. If he speaks publicly Patrick will have to, he can’t be trusted so they’ve shown it as deleted. (Remember, this is a cat and mouse game.)

        After being the incompetent Head of the National Police, and now Head of the Security Services, is it any wonder the entire country is in a state of bedlam!

  2. “Holmes?”

    “This ransom note – “I have to kill him, if I do not do it they will kill my family. Concerning myself, I guess they will kill me anyway.””

    “Writes like a nine year old, if you ask me”

    “This attacker claimed to be a Virtuous-Victim, Watson. Remind you of anything?

    “The Case of The Noose and Chalk?”

    “Left-handed. See how the vertical lines arc. Fear, Watson. Fear of the single-purposed mind. Make America Great Again, scares them.”

    “But what of the black van and those three men who snatched him!”

    “Fake. The names are real, Patrick Calvar, head of the French General Directorate for Internal Security since 2012 and Rachid Eljay his victim. The four men were not.”

    “Do you suppose it’s another Christ Church false-flag?”

    Death means more to them than life. Keep that in mind Watson. Deception is their truth. Don’t hang back.”

    “And you’ll be saying a Sexsquirrel’s abortion is a matter of convenience… pride over reality…. I’m coming Holmes.”

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