Communist thugs, ANTIFA, chase patriots in Toronto to a mall, and attack

One does get arrested and his mask gets torn off.

I would bet that the vast majority of these thugs are white males. Somehow that won’t generally be mentioned by leftist websites. Or any. I don’t mention it because it matters, it does not. but when communists or patriots are other than white, Jewish for example, suddenly it seems to matter. This ANTIFA group is remarkably non-diverse. Almost Aryan looking.

This event was Sunday, June 23 2019

From the email I received on this event:

This new footage shows clearly that Antifa chased Patriots over FIVE city blocks, through shopping malls before finally cornering them at Toronto Eaton Centre. THEN, one Antifa who threw a punch and then got pummeled got ARRESTED .. You can see his mask got pulled off and his face is visible.


The patriots presumably are the people in the white T-shirts. I couldn’t catch what it said on those shirts.


Thank you MW.

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6 Replies to “Communist thugs, ANTIFA, chase patriots in Toronto to a mall, and attack”

  1. The video plays but streams poorly. So, what else is new? If that’s the price we have to pay as part of putting GlueTube out of business, it’s one I’m willing to meet, streaming speeds be damned.

    It’s become more than clear that the Left truly is confused. When told that these Antifa thugs were supposed to be turned into the police, what did they do?

    They tried to turn Antifa INTO the police.

    A couple of retired cops could whale the snot out of these wannabe thugs before they even got their shoes on. From all outward appearances, this won’t become common knowledge until more than a few of these junior Nazis get thrown a bunker party all their own.

    So be it. I’ll be there to piss on their graves.

    • Sigh, that’s what I get for posting in an insufficiently caffeinated state.

      That was supposed to be:

      Turn Antifa IN TO the police…


      Turn Antifa INTO the police… (which they’ve already done)

  2. If that is the best that antifa has Canada is safe from them, from what I saw a troops of cub scouts could beat the crap out of them.

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