NGO’s caught smuggling Africans into Lampedusa: Links 1, June 24, 2019

1. Another fascinating and worthy tradition is formalized now in Spain, that was brought about by a decent people having to defend themselves against Islamic invasion and subsequent horror, tyranny, abuse and torture.

Below is a google translate from a link I am afraid I lost. But there is lots of material on this, until now, unofficial festival.

The City Council of Béjar has received the official communication of the declaration of the Corpus and the Men of moss as a Festival of International Tourist Interest.
In a letter from the Secretary of State for Tourism through the Directorate General for Tourism Development and Sustainability, of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, this statement is communicated to the City Council, which is a great boost for tourism in the city, putting the Corpus at the same level as other major national holidays, such as the Fallas de Valencia, the Seville Fair or the Sanfermines of Pamplona.

This Daily Mail story from 2013 explains it well enough that it will probably be wiped or changed soon.

They might look like dodgy Dr Who villains but these ‘Moss Men’ are in fact part of a Spanish tradition which dates back to the 12th century.


The Procession of the Hombres de Musgo in the town of Bejar, in the province of Salamanca, originates from a legend involving Christians reconquering the town by entering at night covered in moss to camouflage themselves from the Muslim guards. 


By 1397 it had merged with the Corpus Christi procession in the town, which remains today.

There are more videos in the comments for June 23rd in the Contributor’s Links post of this interesting and worthy commemoration of the Spanish/European fight back for freedom from Islamic conquest.

2. In true European Union fashion, Erdogan held a redo for an electoral district he lost in the last election, importantly in the stolen city of Istanbul. Some of us may remember how when the European Union stealthily went from an economic alliance of West European states, to a communist supra-national organization where no one who makes decisions is accountable and national sovereignty was to be dissolved, they did it by referenda in just one area and when it didn’t go their way, they had a re do and changed the wording so it would be more palatable, and then changed the wording back after they won.

Well Erdogan, who more and more looks like he does belong in the EU in all the ways free people dislike about the EU., tried the same trick. And surprisingly lost. I guess he didn’t have it rigged enough. France 24 has the story.

3. Khan’s London: Attackers ‘Dressed in Burkas’ Throw Acid in Man’s Face

(Sure. Let’s make an exception to laws about wearing a disguise in public for just one group. What could go wrong?)

Three people had acid thrown on them in two separate incidents over just a few hours in London, including a market stall vendor targeted by people “wearing burqas”.

Djamil Mogdad was preparing his clothes stall around at 6.40am on Friday morning at Walthamstow Market when he was “assaulted with a corrosive substance”, according to a Metropolitan Police spokesman.


“Officers and the London Fire Brigade attended. The man was taken to an east London hospital for treatment; his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening,” the spokesman added.


“It is alleged that the victim had been approached by two suspects, both wearing burkhas, and had the substance thrown at him before they fled in a waiting car.

(Dear Londoners. Maybe its time to pack some baking soda into your daily carry around bags. Or some lime. But to avoid any confusion with the fruit, baking soda)

4. Taliban threaten Afghan media, say reporters to be targeted

(When you think about it, it is a minor miracle that there is any media left on Earth that does not act out of fear and intimidation. On the other hand, the Western left acts in nearly identical fashion. There are several ‘reporters’ I can think of who in fact are not reporters at all but weapons against classical ideas and values, and highly dishonest ones at that. And then there are leftist groups like the SPLC who are for these intents and purposes, are just like the Taliban when it comes to reportage of events.)

The Taliban have issued a threat to Afghan media, saying journalists will be targeted unless news outlets stop broadcasting what they describe as government propaganda against the insurgents.

Monday’s statement gives Afghan radio stations, TV channels and others a week to cease transmitting anti-Taliban announcements paid for by the government.


The Taliban say that Afghan media that refuse to do this will be considered enemy intelligence nests and their journalists and other staffers will not be safe.

(I suggest the non-islamic press in Afghanistan learn the meaning of Samizdat.)

5. Jewish Diaspora in Sweden’s Third Largest City Facing Extinction Amid Growing Anti-Semitism

The Jewish diaspora in “Sweden’s most multicultural city” has shrunk dramatically over the past several decades, dwindling to only 387 members from about 2,500 in the 1970s.


Malmö’s Jewish community is about to disappear from the city in the very near future if nothing is done about the spread of anti-Semitism in the city, the Jewish community has written to Malmö City Hall.


In recent decades, Malmö has been one of the hardest hit by the rise of anti-Semitism, ranging from hateful messages to attacks on synagogues and even stabbings. This has prompted serious measures such as surveillance cameras and extra policing.


The Jewish congregation itself has called the situation “critical”, because its numbers have more than halved in the past two decades alone. In 1999, there were 842 members. In 2009 it was 610 and this year it is 387 members. In the early 1970s, the congregation still had 2,500 members.


“The Jewish congregation will soon disappear entirely if nothing is done drastically. Malmö is already a no-go zone for Jews around the world. When Malmö is mentioned in the media around the world, far too often it happens in connection with anti-Semitism. A Google search for ‘anti-Semitism Malmö’ yields 215,000 results. Unfortunately, current initiatives are not enough”, the congregation wrote, as quoted by the news outlet Nyheter Idag.

(I like how Sputnik puts “Sweden’s most multicultural city” in quotes.)

6. Soros and the NGO’s, coincidentally, also the name of the least popular PoMo punk band of all times, are still busily breaking all kinds of international and national laws to smuggle people into Europe via Italy, despite the people’s will to not do so by electing Salvini.

Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Richard, Johnny U., and all the great people who contribute so much to this site every day.

Lots more in the oven. Please stand by.

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  1. Italy: I think he had the boat seized and put through recycling for the metal.
    A great lesson for future boat owners who are in the human trafficking business.

  2. 5/ Watch for reports, boasting:
    In Malmo the rate of antisemitic attacks has fallen sharply!

    Down to the very last elderly Jew, who remains to tend the old Jewish graveyard. Maybe they'll do a Sarah Halimi on him. Judenrein

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