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3 Replies to “Interview with German police union exec, Rainer Wendt”

  1. Thanks for the video, very informative. This guy is a straight talker, as a union leader should be. We need such people in other european countries too.
    What he describes is true for most of north-western europe. Their governments are obsessed with keeping the deficit low. They want such policies for southern european countries, so lead by example (my impression anyway).
    So some of the richest countries in the world have austere fiscal policies, which lead to crises in the military, police, education, health sector, public transport and judiciary. At the same time they open borders and let in millions of beggars and criminals. It’s ridiculous.
    He’s spot on with calling Turkish weddings a show of force. Happens in Belgium and the Netherlands too. They honk and revv, do burn-outs, wheelies and powerslides, push other cars off the road, drive against traffic, literally dance and party on highways, there’s even celibratory gunfire sometimes. If anybody complains they get assaulted by the wedding mob.

    Dutch police says they won’t uphold the law in such situations, because “people have the right to a party”. That’s the wrong signal, if you give these guys a finger they tear your arm off.

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