Police demand to know if a law abiding citizen is a TRUMP SUPPORTER in commie NZ

1. How New Zealand (And the Conservative Party of Canada says also in in Canada) is going to use the mosque shooting to deplatform and disarm the public

The Police asked him IF HE WAS A TRUMP SUPPORTER!

2. 6 Killed as Gunmen Attack Church in Burkina Faso During Sunday Mass 

A security source told the agency that the attack was carried out by a “group of armed men estimated [to number] between twenty and thirty.”


In late April, several armed people attacked a Protestant church in Silgdji in the north of the country, killing five churchgoers and the pastor. The April attack was the first attack on a church since 2015.


The attacks comes as the authorities of Burkina Faso have launched a massive anti-terrorist operation in the eastern and central-eastern regions of the country.

(When even Sputnik doesn’t say the attack was by muslims, you know the grip is tight. But it was obviously muslims)

3. New Brexit Party has more support than both Labour AND conservatives


4. This is fascinating.

5. UK: Thirty-foot swastika daubed on Brexit Party’s Lance Forman’s business headquarters

‘The fact that we have been targeted in this antisemitic way is quite horrific and sick,’ says Mr Forman, whose father survived the Holocaust.


A 30-foot swastika was daubed on the east London business headquarters of Jewish businessman Lance Forman – whose father is a Holocaust survivor – in what he suspects is a antisemitic attack.


Mr Forman – who recently announced he was standing for Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party in the European elections – was alerted to the incident by office staff after arriving back in the UK in the early hours of Wednesday morning.


Police are now examining CCTV of the area around the H. Forman & Son factory in Hackney Wick, which is believed to have captured images of those responsible.

(It feels like the left attacked this family on an ethnic basis because the family are pro-Brexit. The new, and old, normal. Also, a THIRTY FOOT Swastika? That is more than your average tard or idiot kid who thinks he’s a Nazi.)

6. Germany: Dead woman found in accommodation – Asylum seekers attack policemen with stones – large contingent of police in action

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12 Replies to “Police demand to know if a law abiding citizen is a TRUMP SUPPORTER in commie NZ”

  1. 1 – There aren’t many nations on earth that aren’t well on their way to full fascism trending towards full communism. This man appears to be fairly well dialed in to what is happening and he is surprised that the police are using Third World political tactics.

    • 15 armed police officers and his road closed.

      Well, this is the Streisand Effect.

      “Though Shalt Not Cause Offence”

      The State is God.

      • You need therapy , big time.
        your white verses are always so annoying that I may eventually destroy my ipad….

        • Take your head out of the sand and listen to the truth.
          “The price of apathy towards public affairs, is to be ruled by evil men.” Plato

          • DAMN that is a good quote. And yes, I know at the time of that translation, men meant people and still should.

            But some idiot somewhere will say the PM of NZ is a female. And yet still, such a sterling example of that quote.

            I must find the source of that.

      • Good one.

        Let us pray that the Streisand Effect will apply in New Zealand and that they use it to throw off the Fascist/Communist chains their government is trying to place on the people.

  2. Somaliland is one of the safest countries in Africa!There are no Terrorists and they dont want their “Brothers from Somalia”!
    But the girls thinked they can act against the laws like in the West I think…

    • The whole thing is off, somehow.
      They have vague “family” associations, but they seem to know little about the culture. They’re not affiliated with any of the humanitarian NGOs.
      What exactly were they doing there?

  3. I’m a bit late reading this post. The story of the New Zealand man and the police is very disturbing. Truly frightening.
    You say the Conservative Party of Canada has the same intentions. Is there any way to check this?

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