Heiko Maas, Minion of Merkel, seeker of the 4th Reich

(Music added by us)

Thank you MissPiggy for this find and translation.

(As I understand it, the language he uses is not persuasion, but a kind of commanding language. Not trying to sell you, but demand and warn. Hence the addition of the National-Socialist music.)

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5 Replies to “Heiko Maas, Minion of Merkel, seeker of the 4th Reich”

    • There is a physical resemblance, they probably resemble each other in many wants we I don’t think we really want to discover if this is true.

  1. Unlike this at best mediocre brain Joseph Goebbels was evil like Satan himself, but highly intelligent. Maas is just an embarrassing little apparatchik. Looking at and listening to him causes me almost physical pain.

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