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2 Replies to “P.J. Watson nails it. This is sinister”

  1. The media giants think they can do what they want and no one will be able to fight back. The arrogance of the left always leads to a major downfall for the left.

  2. This pathetic spectacle of Social Media giants troweling on even more hypocrisy atop previous not-yet-dry hypocrisy is beyond preposterous. Deploying such puerile smoke screens or camouflage is the usual gossamer tissue of ßüllshït that curtains deserves endless derision and scorn.

    While private companies are entitled to do what they damn well please, the smug certainty with which they go about silencing those who are attempting to point up this underhanded censorship displays a level of contempt for the public that, in saner times, has been regarded as anti-American (and is anti-Constitutional).

    It must be supposed that many Social Media users are so deeply ashamed of being American (or inhabitants of the West) that this embarrassment cripples any desire to out BaseFook* and their online cronies for being the Communist propaganda nozzles that they most clearly are.

    * Meant as: A slightly Irish pronunciation of “BASE £ÜÇK.” To wit: The degrading screw job these Tech Titans™ now epitomize (and deserve the harshest condemnation for).

    If the Internet is to remain free and unfettered, then the only appropriate response a powerful price tag being attached to this duplicitous undermining of Free Speech.

    This only serves to demonstrate how critical it is to have public resources (i.e., consumers) starve out such villainy. Far better that this move be made by independent people, instead of calling down even more injurious government controls upon what intelligent netizens ought to recognize as pure malice and act accordingly.

    More than a little discouraging is how BaseFook and their ilk all enjoy near-total immunity from outcry because of how their apps specifically mute, deplatform, demonetize, and behaviorally modify any potential sources of blowback (i.e., CYA on steroids). Theirs is pure-and-simple psychological conditioning which works splendidly on those for whom the name “Pavlov” will never ring even the tiniest bell.

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