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8 Replies to “Returning Islamic State fighters to Sweden and Europe”

  1. I worked around a man from Palestine. He said when they arrive here they get with someone who teaches them how to spell their name in English. Is this true and is it why their names vary like Mohamed,Mohammed. Mohammad?

  2. A person joins the Islamic State because they want to be a part of real, kinetic jihad. They believe in Islam so much that they will die for it. This is as committed as it gets. They go to Syria and act out their animalism, then return to East Stockholm, Malmo, London, Paris or Toronto. They walk among us, their minds ringing with the sick sounds of their war-torn rage, and we open the door for them. A more indicative data point to the malignancy of western civilization cannot exist.

    • I’m not convinced they were all went to die for the cause. Jihadi tourists had a grand old time. They lived together in their own colonies, took over homes and lives. Got the best of everything.

      It was an opportunity to dominate, to live their most vicious fantasies, to be the bigshots they’d never be in the West. Far less active combat than service as the most brutal occupation force. They preyed on terrified native civilians, bragged about it constantly online.

      More stories are coming out. See twitter feed: @afterisis

    • Those Malmos and Londons – they owe the Kurds for holding these monsters. They’re sucking up resources – and sympathetic media attention! – from the real victims. Assyrian Christians, Yazidis, other minority populations are suffering worse conditions than the privileged colonizers they’ve displaced. No “home” awaits them.

      And their war isn’t over yet!

    • They believe in Islam so much that they will die for it.

      Enough of this prinking about then. Let’s get on with it!

  3. I’m sure you’re right, Yucki, on all counts–especially the tragedy of the savaged minorities who’ve nowhere to run. My main point is the invisible maniacs who walk among us–the monsters created by jihad who can reactivate at any time. Surely there are quite a few here.

    • Invisible – not really, truly.
      They swim in a sea of “tolerance” that shields them from critical scrutiny. Once they surface as monsters, it closes up around them, drowns out the screams of their victims.

      • They swim in a sea of “tolerance” that shields them from critical scrutiny.

        As they say: Moderate Muslims are the ocean in which Islamic terrorists swim.

        PS: Excellent Q&A, the both of you. Without too much prerequisite knowledge, a lot of complex and concentrated meaning is conveyed with enjoyable clarity.

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