Islamic State returnees to Sweden integrating well into crime there, more fallout from lone wolf militant attack in Christchurch

1. Geert Wilders Campaigns in The Netherlands:

2. West Virginia spends $87M for MUSLIM housing.

(If anyone has supporting news or other documents on this man’s claims, please send it in the comments below)

3. Cretinous teen smashes brave Australian Senator that dared to maintain a sense of perspective in the wake of the attack on a New Zealand mosque for viral video.

An Australian lawmaker who has been condemned for making anti-immigration remarks hours after the New Zealand mosque attacks had egg on his face on Saturday. Literally.


Fraser Anning, 69, a far-right Queensland senator, was speaking to reporters in Melbourne when a 17-year-old boy cracked a raw egg against the politician’s head, video of the incident shows. The footage quickly went viral on social media, where he was given the nickname “eggboy.”


Anning immediately punched back at the teen as egg yolk skittled down his face, the video showed. He also attempted to get a few kicks in before being fully restrained. Others in attendance, meanwhile, appeared to hold down the teen in a chokehold.

(Apparently the boy was upset at the senator’s reaction to the Australian lone wolf militant that staged an attack on a New Zealand Mosque.)

4. Returning Islamic State militants showing how well integrated they can be in Sweden:

(On the video above I am not 100% clear on the relationship between the story about ISIS women and the grocery store robbery, if they are connected or if its two separate stories. A question has been sent out to the translator and I will update this tomorrow or remove it if its not what was initially explained.)

Thank you EB. M., ML., Gary F., M., Richard and SO many who work hard every day mucking through the nearly totally Soviet media to try and find kernels of actual information. It has gotten much worse, or perhaps just more concentrated since the lone wolf militant attack in Christchurch. The media has managed to scrub the guy’s actually trolling manifesto off the internet mostly, so they can just invent his motives as they need them to be.

I will provide a download link to his actual document if people want it. But it is mostly just trolling contradictory and often amusing material clearly intended to not be useable for the purposes that the media is using it anyway.

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