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5 Replies to “There appears to be what might be real movement towards holding Clinton et al to account”

  1. I try to stay up to date, but occasionally something happens to my computer and I miss a few days.

    As the title says there appears to be movement on putting at least some of the Clinton Crime Family in jail.

    Hope for the best but don’t hold your breath, the Clintons have a lot of blackmail material on a lot of people and aren’t afraid to use it or their other assets to remove possible witnesses. Arkancide (hat tip NR) is a common form of death in their crime family.

  2. Consider this: There is no less-seasoned of a politician than Trump. Democrats of all stripes haven’t even had anything remotely approximating some sparring time in the ring with this opponent.

    Yet, the hatred was and is, almost instantaneous. It doesn’t take a trained clinician to detect undercurrents of self-hatred and, far more critically, self-loathing.

    At the very least, Democrats hate themselves for losing to Trump. Not winning might have been bearable, but to watch Postmodernism’s Great White (Feminist) Hope crash and burn like the Hindenburg up against this newly minted civilizational enemy of a Conservative, wealthy, older, White, alpha male (with an attractive wife, no less) sent an undeniable message to the Left that people just don’t like them.

    We all know well-enough how hurt feelings are the new recovered-child-molestation-memories for this twenty-first century. It’s difficult to picture how all of these snowflakes will find their way in from the cold without some form of intellectual electroshock therapy.

  3. Tom is always excellent. One of the things he says that rings so true is about the need for “adults” in the DOJ, or something to this effect. This seems like a pedestrian statement but it isn’t. It means acting decisively on the evidence, and taking to task the corrupt no matter their station. And yes, it may be helpful if the criminals admit to their crimes, as it seems Lisa Paige has done by admitting to the fraud of the “insurance policy”, but this admission isn’t critical material to conviction. Evidence is. That a serial liar says anything to make authority happy should be tertiary in the face of facts. And when it comes to any negotiations over leniency in sentencing because one of these rats has admitted to their crimes, the leniency should come in the form of a life sentence rather than death for treason. That’s the only deal on the table for the shit storm and damage to the country these scumbags should be offered. We’ve heard enough. Act on the evidence. We can deduce the truth even if can’t see it.


  4. From the beginning I knew they’d have a fall guy. Since when has the FBI allowed us to see their emails? They’re giving up two lower level personnel for Comey.

  5. It’s all up to Bill Barr. He’s the only guy that could make it happen. I see Loretta Lynch as a weak link that could fumble under pressure. IMO, they’re terrified of the Clintons and with good reason.

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