Historical Viktor Orban speech. Watch, spread

This is extremely important. It is a set of condensed statements on the true state of things today, and a set of solutions for Hungary. It is worthy of multiple watchings and spread by any and all means. Perhaps it is worth considering emulating these policies in our own nations.

OT: All who ordered a Cross of Matamoros, please see this important update:

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4 Replies to “Historical Viktor Orban speech. Watch, spread”

  1. I think if anything, Eeyore, you may be understating the importance of this speech. “…but look what they’re doing in Hungary!” can now be the common refrain the next time someone tries to justify to you our population replacement.

    Hungarians are determined to survive. Why aren’t we?

    • They spend close to 50 years under communist Dictators, Canada and the US haven’t so we have a lot of people who think that Marxism is not evil and can be good.

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