Cross of Matamoros shipping times

UPDATE: EVERYONE who has ordered a Cross of Matamoros should have had them shipped by Monday. Almost all are already out or delivered. But EVERYONE who has ordered one up to now will have them shipped by this coming Monday. Thank you all very much again for your patience!

Dear people who have been kind and trusting enough to purchase the Cross of Matamoros that is for sale on this site.

As many of you know, a very large and very popular website did a few minutes discussion about this item, for which I am very grateful, and after which a relatively large number of sales came in compared to what is typical here, which is maybe three a month.

We can only make them so fast as they are hand finished, so yes, we fell behind even though we are making them as many as we can at a time now, but again, without reducing the quality by changing methods, which we do not want to do.

As a consequence, people are experiencing a greater delay than they expected. And for this I do apologize.

The good news is, I get the occasional email from people who have received it, as they are going out in batches every week.

So I ask for your patience just a little longer please. Everyone who ordered them should get them by at the very very latest, the end of February but most much sooner than that. Some should arrive in the mail tomorrow to some of you.

Again, I apologize for the delay. It is awesome that InfoWars did a spot on these. Very exciting. And perhaps once I am ahead of the game Ill post the clip to the site, but for now its playing catch-up. It won’t be much longer though, so thank you again for your patience.


Eeyore for VladTepesBlog

[ This post will be a sticky off and on till I can catch up to orders, which I hope is very soon ]

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16 Replies to “Cross of Matamoros shipping times”

  1. I received mine after hearing and seeing Matt Bracken sporting his. It wad well worth the wait and good to know that it is hand made. Thank you much!!

  2. I too, received mine afters seeing on came in a reasonable fashion…come on folks we are all not Amazon… good things take time!

  3. Just purchased my Cross of Matamoros. ‘Heard about your site from Matt Bracken while he was in Infowars. I don’t wear jewelry but I do now. You’ve done well.

  4. Mine arrived a few months ago – not too long after ordering it – and I wear it to work everyday. Many people have asked about it which gives an opportunity for brief teaching moments.

    • I dont actually know exactly, but I have it on a fairly heavy snake link chain.
      You can always take it to a jeweller and have a larger jump ring or bail put on it but so far no one has complained about the size of possible chain.

    • As there is no order number or name here I cannot tell you where its at. I can say nearly all the back ordered ones are going out Monday at last. Then one more batch next weekend and we are up to even. I wish I could say more than sorry for the delay and we can only send them as fast as we can make them, but they are getting out. A lot of them on Monday morning.

  5. I am wearing my St. James sword pendant with a nice chain that I purchased separately, and I am very happy with the craftsmanship and above all the symbolism and meaning behind it…thank also Matt Bracken for making me aware of it.

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