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9 Replies to “Hungarian FM Szijjarto says EU wants to legalise illegal migration”

  1. Brussels’ arrogance has an uncle. Britain and Hungary are aware of him viscerally, if not consciously. It is the reason for their allergy to this Europe. In fact, I will go so far as to say Hungary, with its history, now has a moral duty to oppose so-called EU values. To not oppose them is to be complicit in yet another, emerging, dark chapter of European history.

    Put another way, how is the EU’s soft, yet hardening tyranny to be disproven?


  2. Very frightening for Europeans, get rid of this traitors in government: Merkel, Macron, Rutte, Sanchez , May , they all seating in Soros pocket , I hope this coming election in May for EU. End up well for Europeans..

    • @Yogi, I woudn’t count too much on Europeans to be completely aware of their enemies. It’s them who brought Merkel, Macron etc to power.

  3. Hungarian FM Szijjarto says EU wants to legalise illegal migration

    [French spoken with an odd Nordic accent]

    Allo? Pourquoi le kerfuffle nommé, “UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration”? Et maintenant nous sommes tous stupéfaits? Surréaliste!

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