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8 Replies to “Muslim Community Patrol is Concerning”

  1. The fact that their cars look like police cars is no accident so they are guilty of impersonating a police officer. And no matter what they say they are not there to “protect” Muslims from Islamophobia they are there to enforce Sharia law and to make New York more like Saudi Arabia. If the FBI doesn’t come down on these bastards with all the power they used against Roger Stone they are not doing their job. To hell with Mayor Deblasio – the feds need to bust these conspirators and put them in prison for a long time. They cannot be allowed to do this!

    Oh! Can’t! Too busy… Jared Kushner got a left-turn violation twenty years ago and we have to convene a Grand Jury over it and put together a hundred-man team to look into it. No money left…have to spend it all on “Kushnergate” and give it 24-hour coverage on CNN…

    • What you are saying is right, NYC will do nothing and the Feds are too busy with their quiet coup. Things like this are ensuring that eventually the ordinary people will get fed up with this BS and react with vigilante violence. Look at the 2016 election, the ordinary people were fed up with politicians talking big and doing nothing. We elected Donald Trump in an attempt to solve the problem without violence, the left and the Jihadists should read history and learn that the American public is slow to anger but once we decide to move the world shakes from our actions.

    • If the FBI doesn’t come down on these bastards with all the power they used against Roger Stone they are not doing their job.

      Agreed. Fortunately, this is a matter than can be settled with a potato and other readily accessible kitchen items.

      As with the “Arab Street”—for which there is no other equivalent in the world—what other supposed “faith” requires regular vehicular patrols to ‘protect’ their fellow believers?

      As is well-known by now, the Muslim concept of “protection” conspicuously resembles the “security services” frequently provided by those folks whose last names often end with a vowel. Rather telling is how other more-ostensibly legitimate guardians of public safety have been known to go off the reservation and provide this exact same sort of caring supervision whilst traipsing around in almost identically bedecked automotive transports.

      This confusing crossover has further muddled the Great Unwashed™ general public’s ability to usefully distinguish between policing and some ersatz muttaween

      In the not-so-amusing category (as Chris Jones quite capably noted) is this unique projection of pseudo-juridical power into an already Constitutionally protected community. The patent redundancy that this “second layer of safeguarding” represents is nothing more than one gang clearing a competing mob from their turf.

      You’d best bet that Christians or Zoroastrians attempting any similar motorized monitoring mopery in such a deceptive (there’s that word again!) guise wouldn’t make it out of their parking space, much less down the street, before having their car impounded and being placed under arrest for masquerading as law enforcement.

      As it is, well beyond the perils of [gasp!] Islamophobia, far greater dangers are posed to the world’s Muslims by … other Muslims.

      NOTE: — As with so many other parallels between Socialism and Islam, the greatest killers of either persuasion are their own fellow co-believers.

      What, with so many carjackings in the Big Apple, these Make-believe Muslim Mutaween are in definite danger. Who knows what might happen to such zealous protectors of the public weal while concerning themselves (however uninvitedly) over an excessively bared ankle in some dark alley? Why, I’m dreadfully concerned they might interrupt an irritable pimp’s on-the-job training session and inadvertently find their way to paradise.

  2. Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin of New York

    “Republican Congressman Receives Voicemail Wishing: ‘Hitler Would Have Done His F***Ing Job’”
    by Roxy Hamilton – February 2, 2019

    “This new VM just came into my office. @IlhanMN, this is just another day in my world as an American Jew in Congress. Would love to know what part of this hate filled, anti-Semitic rant you disagree with? I disagree with all of it. Do you?”
    Lee Zeldin – January 31, 2019 – Twitter

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