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8 Replies to “7th publicly admitted terror plot in Germany foiled”

  1. What do you suppose these idiots think happens when you go to a site and download bomb-making instructions? Does it not occur to them that every security apparatus from here to Moscow immediately flags your account and starts looking at you with God-only-knows-what resources they have at their disposal? Then they notice you have an Arab-sounding name and you go to the Mosque a lot. Busted!!!

    • What do you suppose these idiots think happens when you go to a site and download bomb-making instructions?

      Let’s just stipulate that “think” never enters into anything Nimrods of this sort do or don’t do. Their invincible Koranic doctrine shields these Lions of Islam™ from all reality consequences or blameworthiness.

      Ranked far above wife-beating as Islam’s most obsessive pastime (with bacha bazi coming in a hot second – so to speak), it’s known in polite company as, “breathing your own exhaust”. Observers of a less delicate nature might use the descriptor, “believing your own dü!!$h!t”.*

      * Spelling error or play-on-words, floor wax or dessert topping? You make the call.

  2. My first thought was how much things have changed since I was young, back then most books on WWII included enough information that just about anyone could buld a bomb.

    • Available by mail in the 1960’s: High – Low Boom! Modern Explosives. From the link

      Illustrated manual on explosives. While care has been taken to present all possible safety aspects and precautions used in making and handling high and low explosives, many of the formulas and preparations are very dangerous to manufacture and even more dangerous to test and/or experiment with. Profusely illustrated.

      And directly below the foregoing:

      Story time just got better…

      • Like I said I read the autobio’s of people that fought in the war and listened to my relatives who fought in the war. I learned to make bombs that way and so did the other kids in my high school. Some of us made bombs to see if the stories were true, they were true. it was only good luck that non of us blew ourselves up.

        • A high school friend of my husband’s blew a couple of fingers off. His fascination persisted. He is now an expert on bomb making and disassembly and gives lectures to various law enforcement agencies.
          I always found him to be kind of a strange guy, but I guess that’s one way to find your calling.

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