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5 Replies to “Sargon, on the Trans-tweeter”

  1. He is right, they are going to keep using the state against their enemies right up to the point where the new authoritarian government decides to stand them against the wall.

  2. Sargon, on the Trans-tweeter

    WARNING: He’d best be very careful in this age of government mandated inclusiveness. There may be exposure to legal action if this clip isn’t immediately followed with “Sargon, on the Trans-midrange”, and “Sargon, on the Trans-woofer”. Even with a gender dysphoric three-way equalizer going, I’d still predict the usual tripe volcano erupting from both reassigned* sub-woofers and especially those fluid-filled ultrasonic tweeters. That last lot are a really high-pitched bunch to deal with.

    * Putting the @ss back in “reassigned”.

    Even with all of the above precautions in place, no ruling or precedent known to lawyer and Supreme Court judge alike will provide adequate protection from a Gender Oscillatorâ„¢.

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