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3 Replies to “Trudeau plans to get the broadcast media censors, CRTC, to censor the internet”

  1. They won’t be content with shutting down the Rebel they will com after all blogs and creators who comment on Canadian politics. The citizen journalists are winning the war of ideas and the far left is scared about what comes next if the citizen journalists are allowed to continue reporting on the things the left wants hidden.

  2. Frankly I don’t know if the citizen reporters are winning. I wish this were true, but Dystopia’s citizenry, for the most part, never venture far from the msm. I think this is the same in most countries. This is why we are where we are. This is an insurance policy by Dear Leader. Shut up the critics. Notice how Ezra even mentions how Harper said nothing when the CRTC shut down another conservative outlet? Why?

    • I may be wrong, I know that down here out in the small towns a lot of the people are upset with the MSM and the Dems, and I know that in the big cities the Dems have a much greater hold on the people. If I am right or wrong it will still take civil wars to restore freedom to a lot of nations and even then the kids supposedly educated by the state are going to be a major problem.

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