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5 Replies to “Protestors at Thilo Sarrazin talk at German university”

    • We’re heading toward a period of social chaos. I blame our education system and the parents. When these people wake up, throw them to the wolves. The law of the jungle is the strongest survive and our first line of defense is to tell them.

  1. A good word to use to describe what they do to conservative speakers would be, “Containment”. It’s the same as Saul Alinsky’s instruction to “freeze and isolate” political opponents. The website “thereligionofpeace”, for instance, has been tallying and broadcasting every serious Muslim terrorist attack since 911 as the numbers climb into the thousands and still most people only hear about the really famous ones and would place the numbers down in the teens per year rather than the thousands. If the public knew that one fact alone I’ll bet there would be no further talk of letting in a hundred thousand Muslim migrants from high-risk countries. They have learned how to effectively contain information they don’t like with nothing but hyperbole, omission of facts, anger, slander, viciousness, and mendacity. Logic is something they never use. I wonder how much longer their sole tactic of calling everybody a “Nazi” is going to continue to be effective? At what point are people going to give up and say, “OK, so I’m a Nazi”, and then stomp the shit out of them with their big Nazi boots…?

    • Exactly, amen to that , for God sake protect your daughters, granddaughters , where are all this people minds , I never understand…

    • I wonder how much longer their sole tactic of calling everybody a “Nazi” is going to continue to be effective?

      The duration of that shopworn tactic’s efficacy will be an order of magnitude shorter than the lifespan of other strategies. Especially ones that rely on hurling stale epithets like “racist”, “homophobe”, and “Islamophobe” in order to immobilize any dangerously adventurous soul who strays an inch from their marks on the Politically Correct stage.

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