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4 Replies to “Excerpt of historic and blunt Viktor Orban speech, translated from German (RT)”

  1. “…candle in the darkness…”

    Yes, the simple truth. Whereas the Left, itself, and everything coming from it, is a scheme.

    The Left is a shyster, a scammer, a skunk. It is Bill Clinton selling used cars in a plaid suit. It is Soros selling snake oil with Old-World elan. It is charming and disarming. It is a magician who dazzles with promises of rabbits from hats or gory, titillating, distracting spectacles of sawed damsels and drowned escape artists. It is a spectacle, a show. It talks the proletariat out of the trees. It even promises to put you back together when you are broken. It promises anything and everything to get you on the hook. The Left is beloved in the West with just a few exceptions. Its rapture captures all the suckers available. It pays the suckers in stolen, fake money.

    How and why you fall for the Left, or Islam, is your own business. That you get out of these scams is our business. We don’t want to pay for your personal failings. Truth needs no sword to spread itself. That’s its only neat trick. It doesn’t need a manifesto. It doesn’t pretend to feel what you feel just to draw you in. It never puts its needs before yours.

    Orban’s candle is a trick candle. Every time someone tries to blow it out, it reignites itself. He knows this. This is what makes him so bold. He is a one-trick pony.

    Some pony. Some trick.

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