Statement from Dr. Alice Weidel (AfD) and news about the attack

Personally I think the other party’s ‘condemnation’ of the attacks are essentially incitement to more attacks. The AfD are classical liberals. There is far more of the Nazi in Merkel’s party and her affiliates than in the AfD, which have been brilliantly championing the values of Renaissance Europe from the time of its inception to now.

But if you want to make Nazis on an assembly line. the left is doing a good job of it.

AfD spokeswoman Alice Weidel:

Two news clips on the attack:

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  1. if you want to make Nazis on an assembly line. the left is doing a good job of it.

    They have had enough practice at making Nazi’s starting with the 1917 revolution and continuing through the current mess in all Western Nations. The far left lost some battles during the Cold war and ultimately failed in Russia, China and Nam but they remained strong in the West where they are intent on seizing power in all Western Nations. In China Xi is intent on returning China to Maoism with all of the evils that it contains.

    They (the left) are so close to achieving their goal of control of the West they are doing everything they can to prevent the ordinary people from rejecting their policies and goals. As we in the West continue to resist the far left they will resort to more and more violence until all Western Nations are involved in massive civil wars. The Yellow Jacket protests in Europe are probably going to rapidly grow into open combat and the Antifa attacks on the AfD members in Germany are going to grow in number and violence.

    Buckle up for a very fought ride in the near future.

    Keep your musket clean, your powder dry and watch your back.

  2. If normal germans are shocked by these attacks, they should get used with shocks, or get over shock and try to do something useful. Longer you are shocked, lower your chances are to solve the problem.
    Invaders are in Europe to conquer and kill. They are not shocked.

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