New Years Eve in train station outside Koln Germany Part I

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This is a new platform made by some talented developers that created a space specifically to counter the government-media complex and social media monopoly narrative that makes it impossible to get factual information to people so they can make informed choices for our and their own benefit.

While the costs of running this site are not high, they do exist. And FreeZoxee has asked me to ask you if each of us can click the button and donate $2.00 to help with the costs of the bandwidth.

While I also have this same video on YT, the numbers I suspect are not honest in terms of views, and there seems to be some form of chicanery going on in terms of ability to spread the video. And if we do not wish to have our information controlled by corporations who we now know for a verifiable fact has a very leftist and very anti-Western agenda, then we have to be willing to cover some of the costs of the services we want, if we want them free of the strings of a bias we do not at all find to be a healthy one for Classical civilization.

So please consider clicking and donating, literally a couple of dollars to FreeZoxee.

The good news is, it is growing and attracting more active users every day though. But we have all gotten used to the idea that social media is ‘free’ when in fact, we are the product and the target of an agenda that Facebook and Google share.

Thank you for any consideration you may give this request.

And looking forward to the comment on this chilling video. I plan to watch it again for some details I missed when doing the titling.

Just FYI: While I am friendly with FZ and do use their video platform, I am not a partner, nor do I benefit from any donation you may make to them, other than it secures an alternative place where we can all see videos that may be hidden from us otherwise.

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5 Replies to “New Years Eve in train station outside Koln Germany Part I”

  1. Stop voting for Merkel. Funny that the blonde woman could not grasp that her condemnation didn’t count for anything. Embarrassing that the german guy went over and hugged the muslims, certainly thinking if they get upset I will be the one they beat the heck out of, then they will probably rob everybody and rape the women just to remind them who is in charge, islam not the germans. I am glad she spoke up, but lets face it, confronting muslims and black people is not A discussion it will be A violent fight. White women still don’t grasp that not all people are first worlders concerned about criticism, who are willing to talk things out and resolve them. Its probably me that needs to accept that white women will never be able to embrace the need for violence and rounding people p, and not awaiting majority consent. In G-d I trust.

    • Yes we have every cell phone conversation you ever had, as well as every conversation you had with your cell phone off, as well as everything you have ever typed to anyone ever on the internet. So yes the hateful muslims can be separated from the non hateful ones, but the children of the identity group will think the same as before the relocation, because their same motives and temperament are intact. In G-d I trust.

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