BBC makes those who oppose mass child sex slave gangs into Nazis

And they wonder why many in the marches refused to cooperate with the BBC or let them film. The CBC is actually worse, and the proof of that is they no longer wear their insignias or any indications of their employer when they go to a non-Marxist inspired event.


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3 Replies to “BBC makes those who oppose mass child sex slave gangs into Nazis”

  1. The BBC and their liberal allies have been repeating the same platitudes for years. “We must counter the ‘Far-Right’ and have a sensible debate etc. etc. blah blah blah…

    First. The far right is not the far right. Most are ordinary people who are sick and tired of the same things day after day. They are angry at the way such things are swept away. They are angry about being labelled as xenophobes and racist when all they want, and need, is justice and a society which is fair and just.

    Second. This ‘sensible debate has been the call of the liberals for too many years. When is it going to happen? Anytime someone raises the issue these same people shut down the debate by the use of xenophobe and racist. It won’t be long before we see riots in the UK borne out of shear frustration.

  2. What does it mean to be “far right” or, worse yet, “extreme far right”?
    To coin a British term, what a load of bollocks.
    The fat bald guy, some type of City Councillor, admitted that the town had so many “refugees” settled there that social cohesion was at a breaking point. Well, what the F*** do you expect buddy? The gov’t flooded the town with with people of a different culture, mostly on the dole, uneducated and probably unemployable for a very long time and you call the natives racist?

    • The far left worked hard to take control of the worlds news distribution networks so they could stifle any news they didn’t like. This includes any things that upset the lower classes, the elites that make up the left don’t like the lower classes and dream about the day they have the power to force the loser classes to shut up and let the self proclaimed elites of the left make all of the decisions in all nations. The fact that the lower classes don’t want a bunch of semi educated fools from the left deciding what is gong to happen makes the lower classes evil in hte minds of the left.

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