How well informed at the Germans from their own news media?

The video above may be another excellent example of what I was discussing with Swedish journalist, Ingrid Carlqvist earlier today:

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2 Replies to “How well informed at the Germans from their own news media?”

  1. # 1. When I left my native Germany, some 100 years ago, I said: Hitler would have an even easier way in this time…..I was right, she has come back. The most irritating commentator is that woman-with-tickets-on-herself from about Minute 1.00: She is “intellectual-superiority-signalling”…. she reads the SPIEGEL (if you are here you know what kind of “journalistic ethics” they use)…it’s left, it’s pseudo-intellectual, it’s accessible for the lower intelligences who want to play “in-the-know”. And she is STILL proud of “reading the SPIEGEL” after the latest scandal of their systematically lying golden boy journalist.

    #2. I just LOVE Ingrid Carlqvist she is so cute and has so much courage and the setting from which she speaks is soooooo pre-islamisation-Swedish, that I could cry at the lost paradise they have made of that country !

    • I was struck by the man who said that the Germans are now getting the same type of news that he got in communist East Germany. This tells us volumes about what is happening in Germany.

      Yes Merkel is Hitler reborn, the big difference is Hitler had the ability to hypnotize people with his speeches, Merkel bores them with hers. Having said that we all know she is dreaming about getting the same power that Hitler had at his peak.

      Things are getting scary, keep your musket clean and your powder dry and watch you back.

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