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12 Replies to “Electrical explosions in Kenner, Louisiana. (Dec. 28)”

  1. YEP. Something is happening.
    Yesterday, almost all of Washington State was wiped out through the grid. Plus a few other states in many areas. All happening more or less at the same time.

    • Wow he did a crap job of editing this. He didn’t add perspective to his ‘lasers’.

      Look at 3:05 where his lens flare effect is both behind and in front of the shell sign.

      It’s a terrible fake. See what Alex Jones makes of it.

      He also uses science words like a cartoon.

    • I don’t trust this video, first mistake Microwaves and part of the electromagnetic spectrum not the auditory spectrum. Second Microwaves are invisible, you can’t see them as they travel through the air. When I was in the Army I was a microwave radio repairman., this entire video is BS.

  2. NY’s Con Ed Says Electric Flash, Not Transformer Fire Lit NYC Night Sky Eerie Blue

    Look what happened last night. Look carefully. Tell me what you see.

    ICYMI Reported nationwide CenturyLink internet outage, knocking out 911 service & ATMs in some areas, & effecting govt agencies, including state prisons.

    The Democratic governor gave a nod to social-media conspiracy theorists at a Friday news conference.

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