For Freedom Christmas demo in Copenhagen, fouled by Marxists as to be expected

Once again, Marxists and other kinds of leftists organized to bully, harass, and otherwise attack a small group of Danish patriots who did a brief Christmas presentation in classical Danish fashion in what has become a very islamic part of Copenhagen.

Showing the total lack of pluralism, tolerance, multiculturalism and other attributes the left pretends to champion, ANTIFA came in numbers, requiring a large police presence, to protect the small group of middle aged Danes, singing Christmas carols and serving a traditional Christmas cookie in the Danish manner.

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10 Replies to “For Freedom Christmas demo in Copenhagen, fouled by Marxists as to be expected”

  1. One of the Christian women says from time to time “unbelievable” I second that.

    Europe has become very sick. And we know what can happen to the sick. Not so long to go now.

  2. Once again the facist left openly displays its utter lack of tolerance . Here’s my personal lack of tolerance expressed in plain danish : Forpulede venstrefacistiske moegsvin !

  3. An explosion is coming it will usher in a many decade long war, not a large formation set piece battle war like WWI and II but a small unit a symmetric war that will include some large unit actions in part of the world at times but probably not a multi year large unit action war.

  4. “Most Wonderful Time All This Year – 2.0 Update – Trump parody – Dana Kamide”
    Dana Kamide – Published on Jan 16, 2018

  5. I will use this as my new touchstone, my reference to a time that made sense and to how far we are removed from it. The actionable phase seems nigh.

    • The actionable phase seems nigh.

      Its coming much faster then most expect.

      This isn’t the time of year I would choose to start a revolution but I am not on the ground in Europe so they may have no other choice.

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