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22 Replies to “Raiders of the arc de triomphe”

  1. It’s hard to believe this is real. Even after years of VTB and trying to stay informed, it still shocks. What’s next, the White House? Where are the cops? How about the army? President Macaroni will say that nationalism dissaffected these “farmers”, and that the only solution is more tards–or some such insanity.

  2. Is it just me or has anyone else noted that the early phase of Yellow Vest protests were not this violent? Now, there are reports of stores being looted and (non-police) vehicles being torched.

    Also, there have been rumors of the Yellow Vests being infiltrated by Antifa plus other Left-wing (and Right-wing) types. The carbeques and looting fit perfectly with Antifa’s model of “accepted business practices” so, as a consequence. This raises the specter of “counterrevolutionary” ( or “counter-counterrevolutionary”, you chose) subversion within Nationalist, Identitarian, elements currently—and quite legitimately—protesting Micron’s ongoing betrayal of La Belle France.

    While I understand that the Arc de Triomphe is a symbol of The State™, its vandalism still seemingly runs counter with respect to the Yellow Vest movement’s aims regarding preservation of France’s socioeconomic status quo. It is another matter entirely as to whether or not some do or don’t connect borderless immigration with intensely negative changes in that same sociocultural status quo—and Antifa would dearly love to know which it is, even if they have to make it up all by themselves.

    Due to lingering trepidations that the Yellow Vests have left themselves vulnerable—be it to accusations of patriotism or Micron’s own equation of Nationalism with treason—there remain serious concerns over infiltration by just about every entity imaginable, from The State™ all the way out to Big Oil®.

      • Ain’t just you ; Initially the yellow vests were not that violent , then they (some) started wearing masks , and soon after the justified protests by
        common frenchmen- and women have been derailed . Not surprisingly , the globalist vermine couldn’t let this opportunity pass , could they ? Sending in their antifa SturmAbteilung provocateurs . Letting their msm/globalist -media cover the riots and there you have it yet again , the narrative about evil nationalists/patriots/nazis . Add some flavor by blaming Le Pen , and you got everything to the right of the middle covered , no questions asked , while at the same time presenting a golden opportunity for Merkels sneaky lapdog to act swiftly and severely , round up the culprits (not the real ones of course) , perhaps even declare a state of emergency . Censorship of the internet and tougher laws will now seem even more like a good idea (and not only in France) . An european army , as called for recently by dear european leaders , will soon be only a few legislative steps away . Who’s to say such an army isn’t already being trained in some remote locations anyway ?
        Events in France have ” trigger-finger wanting an excuse and having found it ” written all over them …

        • This is a good summation, but it doesn’t answer the vital question of who do the police and the military support? I know they are by law under the control of the government but which side do they support? if ordered will they arrest the peaceful protest leaders while ignoring the antifa types? Will the French military fire on the ethnic French people?

          Another question is are there enough peaceful protesters and leaders who can and will shift to violence if the French Government turns violent?

          These are the vital questions, that will determine what will happen in Europe. Although if as has been stated this is a set up by antifa and the French Government how many of the resistance movements in other countries will go underground to fight a guerrilla war for their freedom?

          All of the above questions also beg the question how smart are the resistance leaders and how much about revolutions and guerrilla movements do they know? How good are their counter intel people if they have them? Also do they have overseas support that can feed them money, equipment and intel?

      • In early 1970s Spain, before Franco died, there were spies in highschool girls dormitories. And these were convent-run dorms.

        Opus Dei had developed a sinister relationship with the Regime.

  3. NR, this may offer a “global” explaination to our befuddlement. Radical, far-right, foaming-at-the-mouth fascist pigs like French dairy farmers protesting gas prices take note; the Left has learned to never let a perfectly good protest go to waste. Coopting or appropriating any uprising saves the time and money of starting from scratch. It is simple and opportunistic. Someone should try a fake protest somewhere to test my theory. See who joins.

    Another lesson is that there is no honour amongst commies and tards. They’ll eat eachother like a largemouth bass gulps a minnow without a blink. George Soros is pretty quick to criticize legitimate leaders, and quite content to sit back and watch when things get chaotic. So why does a largemouth Soros yap at well-functioning governments yet stay muted when there’s trouble? Is it his goal to go down in history as the father of a One World Government?


    • Is it his goal to go down in history as the father of a One World Government?

      Simple answer yes. It is m ore complicated then that but it boils down to his wanting to be the man who creates a one world socialist government.

    • Someone should try a fake protest somewhere to test my theory. See who joins.

      I like the way you think, Johnnyu. Countersurveillance rarely is a waste of time. The Right is in sufficiently dire straits to where its adherents may wish to consider adopting some harmless, basic spycraft.

      Is it his goal to go down in history as the father of a One World Government?

      Either that or becoming the world’s favorite dartboard image for future decades.

  4. The Philosopher King offers guidance to the weakening of all western social fabrics through his NGOs. The decriminalisation of pot in Dystopia, as well as the weakening of the penal code in that country, both offer excellent examples of how to destroy a country from within. Largely feminized, westwern societies are the easiest prey when following the motto: “The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions.” This softness gets played and played hard. Deconstructionist chaos is an end in itself. Opportunities will eventually present themselves. Like the man said, “I’m having a good crisis.”


  5. When you drive your citizens mad, and that is what the leaders of wester Europe are doing with mass immigration, expect a violent reaction. Taxes is just a trigger.

    • And a series of revolutions that lead to the destruction of the nation state and the formation of a one world government is their goal.

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