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8 Replies to “Michelle Rempel: Free speech in Canada died today”

  1. I posted this one the Readers links below an article about the Canadian government making the first moves to nationalize the news distribution industry.

    How long will it be before the Canadian Government is issuing Journalism Licenses to the “Trusted Media” and the rest of the media will be shut down because they don’t have a license. This will include anyone who takes a video or pictures of something happening and either posts it on the net although selling it to a member of the “Trusted Media” will probably be allowed.

    Everyone working for the Rebel Media or as an independent Journalist (Faith Goldy, Lauren Southern etc) will be put out of business if they don’t find refuge in another nation that will allow them to continue in their chosen profession.

    Please click through and read Norseradish’s comment on what I said.


    • PM Trudeau’s actions (and words) are reminiscent of the verbiage and activity of his father’s friend and confidante, Maurice Strong, the power behind the Chair at the U.N. for many years – a very dangerous man, imho.

      What is happening in Canada now is very reminiscent of how the EU countries became the mess it is today and if those countries are ever to recover (and, for some, removing Sharia Law from their neighborhoods is the first step), it is going to take a long, long time.

      Mr. Trudeau has to go. For those who think as I do, we have only 10 months to make his permanent absence from Parliament a reality.

  2. It is impossible to over estimate the danger of this action, someone in the Canadian Government is looking to remove all rights and this is the first step in shutting down the opposition to the loss of freedom in Canada.

    Crunch time is rapidly approaching and those who haven’t read the signs and made preparations are about to discover the danger of trusting the government to take care of you.

  3. So, Canadian Pravda and other sycophant globalist press will get more millions, and those fighting to defend Western civilization will get nothing except legal actions against them. Welcome to Canada SSR, and later, Canadistan.

  4. We need a party of the centre where most Candians find themselves. I am fed up with the ideologues on all sides. Watching people scream libtard or “con’servative makes me cringe. Tribal politics is making it impossible to vote for anyone. I’m appalled by what Justin Trudeau has done over this, and several other things, but who do I have to vote for? In my own family there is the entire spectrum, they’re people, they have different views but they’re all good people. It’s the rhetoric that has to change. Who supports the majority of people? Not the conservatives, not the liberals, not the NDP, and not the greens.

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