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4 Replies to “Suspected suicide bombers who attacked Chinese consulate in Pakistan’s Karachi were killed”

  1. A great citation: “Never interfere with an enemy when they are making a mistake”. -Napoleon Bonaparte

  2. This is the hidden price that Pakistan has incurred through its parsimony and laziness.

    From what I’ve gathered, essentially, the Balochi tribes and militias from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa patrol—as provisional armed forces—Pakistan’s Western frontier districts that border Afghanistan. The only problem being that, just as often, they are far more extreme (a profound understatement) than the corrupt, whisky-swilling poobahs down at ISI headquarters.

    An example: September 2, 2007—in Shawangi, North Waziristan,an entire military convoy, including nearly 300 soldiers was captured by much smaller militant forces. These embarrassments plus many others like it expose the incompetence and corruption that permeates Pakistan’s alleged military.

  3. Looks like some of the potential colonial subjects of the new Chinese Empire are trying to tell China to back off. I wonder how much printing press money it is going to cost China to suppress this and other rebellions to their attempted conquest of the entire Indo-Chinese region.

    • The sloppy pseudo-countries we call “Pakistan” and “Afghanistan” are great places to lose blood and treasure. It’s a trap. China will learn the hard way.