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    11:35 AM 11/22/2018 | EDUCATION
    Mike Brest | Reporter

    A dean at Catholic University resigned Tuesday after he was placed on leave back in September for questioning one of the women who came forward and accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct.

    Will Rainford, the dean of the National Catholic School of Social Service (NCSSS), tweeted about Julie Swetnick’s claims that Kavanaugh participated in drugging and gang-raping women back when he was in high school.

  2. Ottawa city councillor Tim Tierney has been charged by the OPP’s anti-rackets branch with a violation of the Municipal Elections Act.

    Tierney, who represents Beacon Hill-Cyrville ward, was charged with corrupt practices under the act, according to an OPP release.

    He’s to appear next Thursday in provincial court.

    In August, the OPP received a request for assistance from the Ottawa Police Service. The request was in relation to an allegation involving a candidate for Ottawa municipal council in the 2018 municipal election.

    As a result of the investigation, members of the OPP Anti-Rackets Branch, under the direction of Det. Insp. Brad Robson, have charged Tierney, 44, with corrupt practices under Section 90(3)(f) of the Municipal Elections Act.

    This newspaper first reported the existence of the investigation during the election campaign.

    At the centre of that investigation was a phone conversation between Tierney and challenger Michael Schurter in the minutes leading up to the cutoff time for election nominations.

    People with knowledge of that phone conversation alleged Tierney offered to make a large donation to the food bank if Schurter didn’t register to run in Beacon Hill-Cyrville.

  3. German prevention of EU support for Israel echoed at the UN

    After reports were published about German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s lobbying efforts urging Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, to not move Romania’s embassy to Jerusalem, questions about how far these efforts go started to arise.

    One reason Merkel pressured Iohannis to not move Romania’s embassy to Jerusalem is that such a step would have reinforced the notion that the EU as an entity doesn’t have a single foreign policy, not only on Israel but also on other matters.

    …Federica Mogherini… has repeatedly issued statements of which other EU institutions were not unequivocally supportive. This added to the frustrations of many supporters of “Federal Europe” who keep seeking a united Europe, not merely as a single market but as a single block on all affairs.

    French President Emmanuel Macron has equally strengthened his commitment to the European Union when he stated that a single army should be established to protect the EU against Russia, China and the US. Obviously, Macron’s move is a reaction to Trump’s policies.…

  4. Every year around this time, most schoolchildren hear the same ol’ Thanksgiving story in their classrooms across the nation. That so-called official story is a heartwarming tale of how the Pilgrims and Native Americans shared a bountiful feast together. But it does not tell the full truth about what really happened on the Plymouth Plantation.

    We’re told that the Pilgrims struggled for their survival when they landed in present-day Massachusetts in the 1620’s. Half of the Pilgrims starved to death or went back to England during the first year alone because of harsh winter weather and their lack of proper farming skills. Their chronic food shortages were ultimately resolved when the Native Americans taught the Pilgrims how to plant corn the following spring and together they celebrated their blessings with a huge feast.

    That “official” story is nothing like what actually happened. For evidence of the failures of communism, we do not need to look to disastrous experiments in foreign lands. The Plymouth Plantation, one of the first English colonial ventures in North America, is actually one of the most evident examples of the failures of collectivism.

    Centuries before the Communist Manifesto was even published, the Pilgrims set up an economic system that looked similar to the “utopia” advocated by Karl Marx. In the early years of the Plymouth Plantation, there was no such thing as private property. All property was held in common and it was forbidden for anyone to produce their own food. It was up to the plantation officials to distribute food and supplies to the Pilgrims based on equality and need.

  5. JIHAD WATCH – UK: Nigel Farage seeks to topple UKIP leader Gerard Batten for “fixation with Tommy Robinson and discussing Islam”

    […]At a dinner some time ago of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), which he formerly headed, Farage said: “If dealing with Islamic fundamentalism becomes a battle between us and the entire religion, I’ll tell you the result: we’ll lose. We will simply lose….We absolutely have to get that Muslim majority living in many of our towns and cities on our side, more attuned to Western values than some pretty hardline interpretations of the Qur’an.”

    […]Another problem with Farage’s statement is that it manifests a remarkable ignorance of history. While he is deeply concerned that British people not begin to think that resisting jihad terror means that they are in a “battle” with the “entire religion” of Islam, he appears unaware of the fact that many Muslims throughout history have considered their entire religion to be at war with the entire non-Muslim world.

    […]We must not think that we are at war with the entire religion. But what, Mr. Farage, are we to think about the Muslims who consider themselves and their religion to be at war with us?

    Nigel Farage has become just another mainstream hack politician.
    SKY NEWS – Nigel Farage bids to topple UKIP leader Gerard Batten over Tommy Robinson role

    The former UKIP leader is calling for a vote of no confidence in Gerard Batten after his appointment of the far-right figure.

    Nigel Farage will launch an effort to oust UKIP leader Gerard Batten following his appointment of far-right figure Tommy Robinson.

    Mr Farage, who previously led UKIP in three different spells, condemned Mr Batten for dragging the party in a “shameful direction”.

    Since becoming leader in February, Mr Batten has seen a series of high-profile figures quit UKIP amid criticism of the party’s anti-Islam messages.

    He has now prompted a new row by controversially naming English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, as his adviser on rape gangs and prison reform.

    Mr Farage described himself as “appalled” by the appointment and revealed he will be lobbying UKIP officials in a bid to remove Mr Batten.

    “I will be writing to the National Executive Committee of the party today and urging that we have a vote of no confidence in Gerard Batten as leader, that we get rid of him,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

    “We can have one last go at getting rid of somebody who, as leader, is dragging us in a shameful direction.”

    Mr Farage has previously criticised Mr Batten for marching alongside the Democratic Football Lads Alliance at an anti-Muslim rally.

    He accused Mr Batten of having a “fixation with Tommy Robinson and discussing Islam, and dragging UKIP into a direction of effectively being a, sort of, street activist party”.

    Mr Farage added: “It goes against all the things I did as leader to say we will talk about immigration, we will talk about the extreme forms of Islam.

    “But, we will do it as a non-racist, non-sectarian party. This blows a hole in all of that.”…

  6. CNN: Trump wanting investigations of political enemies ‘is what happens in authoritarian countries’
    Ryan Foley, NewsBusters November 23, 2018

    [Ed. – But only when Trump does it.]

    Toobin: Trump’s a Dictator Who Thinks Justice Department Staff Are His ‘Personal Servants’

    If it’s Tuesday, CNN is going to be telling us Trump behaves like an authoritarian. As well as Wednesday, and Thursday. Take a liberal newspaper report on Trump raging about something, insert outrage, and go.

    During Tuesday’s edition of CNN’s The Situation Room, it was a New York Times report that President Trump wanted the Department of Justice to look into prosecuting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former FBI director James Comey. The article did not even mention that President Trump never made such an order until the sixth paragraph.

    Nonetheless, CNN still went into meltdown mode. Chief Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin warned of creeping fascism, saying “this is what happens in authoritarian countries…The President, the leader orders the investigation and prosecution of his political enemies,” without even bothering to mention that strong evidence exists that crimes may have been committed. Comey laid out a very strong case for prosecuting Clinton before ultimately deciding to skip it. It may have been related to Attorney General Loretta Lynch meeting Bill Clinton at an airport, but Toobin goes goo-goo over her.

    After host Wolf Blitzer brought up the article’s mention of President Trump’s dissatisfaction with FBI Director Christopher Wray for failing to “more aggressively investigate Mrs. Clinton,” Toobin went on a lengthy rant:

    video at site

  7. Nigel Farage bids to topple UKIP leader Gerard Batten over Tommy Robinson role
    The former UKIP leader is calling for a vote of no confidence in Gerard Batten after his appointment of the far-right figure.
    10:18, UK,
    Friday 23 November 2018
    Nigel Farage
    Nigel Farage described himself as ‘appalled’ by the appointment

    By Aubrey Allegretti and Greg Heffer, political reporters

    Nigel Farage will launch an effort to oust UKIP leader Gerard Batten following his appointment of far-right figure Tommy Robinson.

    Mr Farage, who previously led UKIP in three different spells, condemned Mr Batten for dragging the party in a “shameful direction”.

    Since becoming leader in February, Mr Batten has seen a series of high-profile figures quit UKIP amid criticism of the party’s anti-Islam messages.

    He has now prompted a new row by controversially naming English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, as his adviser on rape gangs and prison reform.

  8. The New Crooked Congressional Black Caucus
    Civil rights loses, corruption wins.
    November 23, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    In the last decade, every single House Democrat sent to prison for financial crimes was a Congressional Black Caucus member. In the last twenty years, it’s been over 80%. After the midterms, the CBC has grown past a record 50 members. But that doesn’t mean it’s getting better. Power makes it worse.

    Rep. Ilhan Omar is the most famous freshman member of the CBC in the 116th Congress. The CBC’s PAC boasted that she is “the first Somali-American and first Muslim woman elected to Congress”.

    She’s also the first member of Congress who had to deny being married to her brother.

    As historical “firsts” go, alleged incest in the House is far more historic than being an immigrant from a failed state and then crawling into Congress on the strength of the Ellison voters in Little Mogadishu.

    Omar has denied being married to her brother, even though evidence suggests that she was. A complaint was even filed accusing Omar of abusing taxpayer money to divorce her own brother.

    And then there’s the anti-Semitism, the trespassing arrest, opposition to an FGM law, the campaign finance fines, she’s currently facing a second Minnesota Campaign Finance Board investigation, and sources in the Somali community alleged that Omar’s campaign was using another Somali candidate, Guhaad Said, allegedly accused of stabbing 3 people, to find out who had leaked the incest story.

    Rep. Omar is already a train wreck before taking office, but that just means she fits in at the CBC.

  9. There Is No Reason for Migrants Applying for Asylum to Wait in America
    November 23, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    This entire debate is a symptom of just how asylum has been abused and distorted.

    Refugee asylum was meant for people fleeing oppressive regimes for a free country. It was never meant to cover mass economic migration.

    It was meant for refugees fleeing Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, not migrant laborers who are looking for more money and using political corruption and gang violence in their countries (conditions that they quickly spread to the United States, beginning with California) as pretexts for claiming asylum.

    It was the humane thing to do to allow political refugees fleeing murderous totalitarian states that would kill them if they went back to wait in the United States while their applications for asylum were processed.

    Mexico is not about to start shooting the migrant caravan for applying for asylum in the United States.

    And the migrants don’t want to wait for their applications to be processed. The moment they

  10. Gov. Brown Pardons Dem Official Convicted of Voter Fraud
    November 23, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    Voter fraud doesn’t exist, say Democrats. If it does exist, they’ll stifle any attempt to protect our elections on the false grounds that they’re voter suppression. They’ll cry racism over any investigation of voter fraud.

    And if someone does get convicted of voter fraud, they get a pardon.

    Of course voter fraud doesn’t exist. Much like treason, when it prospers, none dare call it voter fraud. Not when it’s protected from the highest levels of Dem government.

    Former Sen. Roderick Wright was convicted of felony charges of voter fraud and perjury in 2014 when a Los Angeles County jury determined he lived outside the district he represented. Some lawmakers at the time defended Wright, saying state law was ambiguous. The Legislature has since changed the law to make Wright’s situation legal, and the state Supreme Court cleared the way for the pardon this week.

    Wright was sentenced to 90 days in jail then released almost immediately.

    We have the best Dem government that fraud can buy.

  11. Words vs. Violent Acts
    Why the Left wants to confuse us about the meaning of “protest.”
    November 23, 2018
    Howard Rotberg

    The Cambridge English Dictionary defines the noun protest as: “a strong complaint expressing disagreement, disapproval, or opposition.” It defines the verb protest: “to express disagreement with, disapproval of, or opposition to something by complaining strongly about it.” In both cases, expressing disagreement accords with our Western traditional values as being a part of our value of freedom of expression.

    In neither case does the expression relate to violent acts. Thus, traditionally, protest that turns violent is distinguished from protest that may involve marching, carrying signs, and chanting. So, when parties misdescribe as a protest something that involves damage to property or injury to persons, they are in fact failing to recognize that Western constitutions only give freedom to protest by means of expression (through spoken or written words) and not by means of violent acts.

    It must be understood that a failure to use the modifier peaceful or violent when it comes to a protest, means that the speaker or writer, television host or reporter, has an underlying tolerance of violent protest as he or she has no intent to assert the difference

  12. Is Soros Profiting From His War on Facebook?
    November 22, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    Alleged Nazi collaborator George Soros is best understood by playing him backward. His organizations mean the exact opposite of their names.

    The Democracy Alliance is a plot to undermine democracy by a handful of wealthy oligarchs and special interests. His Open Society’s goal is a closed society.

    Social media makes it too easy to have an open society. As opposed to a consolidated corporate media.

    So George Soros allegedly plotted to regulate Facebook until it was as controlled as the media. His war on Facebook, run by astroturfed activists is bearing fruit, with the backing of the media.

  13. UK: Counter-terrorism detectives investigating, nearby flats evacuated, roads closed as two suspected bombs found in flat in north-west London

    As Muslim immigration increases, this will be commonplace everywhere in Britain. And yet British politicians run on platforms of “live with terror” — as London Mayor Sadiq Khan said, this is part and parcel of living in a big city. In reality, no civilized people should be forced to live this way. This is the poison fruit of failed government. That is the language of the conquered. Sadiq Khan is, of course, himself a Muslim with numerous questionable ties. The British people need to start electing people who have their best interests at heart, instead of people who tell them to get used to it. But it is likely to be far too late for that now.

  14. Judge orders feds to release nearly 100 illegal immigrants from Iraq
    By Pamela Geller – on November 22, 2018

    There is more to this case than is being reported by the Washington Times. The Detroit Free Press has this: “Many of the Iraqi detainees are Christian and so being released in time for the Christmas holidays after being separated from their families is significant, advocates say.” Others have reported that most or all of these detainees are Christian, so this is likely not to be a story about an activist leftist judge recklessly releasing potential jihadis into the general population. The advocates for these Christians have argued that they would be in danger from jihadis in Iraq, and so should be granted asylum. That may be. Still, illegal is illegal, and they should either be deported or their status legalized in the U.S.

    • It looks like China is getting ready to try and interfere in the 2020 Presidential election in the US. I doubt they will try and help Trump.

      The Democrats are doing a real good in undermining the people’s trust in Democracy and the electoral system.


    Brazil’s president-elect Jair Bolsonaro, Thursday announced he has chosen Colombian-born philosopher Ricardo Vélez Rodríguez as his future Education Minister.

    “I wanted to inform everyone about the appointment of Ricardo Vélez Rodríguez, philosopher author of more than 30 works, currently Professor Emeritus of the Command School and Army General Staff, for the position of Minister of Education,” the far right wrote at the beginning of the night on his official Twitter profile.
    According to the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper, Vélez became a naturalized Brazilian in 1997.

    Bolsonaro underlined Vélez Rodríguez’ resumé. He graduated in Philosophy from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in 1964 and then in Theology at the Conciliar Seminary of Bogotá, before continuing moving to Brazil.

    “Vélez is a Professor of Philosophy, has a Masters Degree in Brazilian Thought from the Pontifical Catholic University RJ, a PhD in Luso-Brazilian Thought by Gama Filho University, a Post-Doctorate from the Raymond Aron Political Research Center, Paris, with extensive teaching and management experience,” Bolsonaro added on Twitter.

    The appointment of Vélez comes a day after a powerful evangelical group, key to the election of the former military officer less than a month ago, frowned at the selection of educator Mozart Neves for the post.

    Neves, director of the Ayrton Senna Institute, is said to be ongood terms with presidential runoff losing candidate Fernando Haddad of the Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT).

  16. I still say the ruling was the right one to make, but I want to add that all 50 states already have a law against Aggravated Battery and the State can file charges using that law. Rather then clutter up the law books with new laws why not look at the existing laws and see what can be used to punish the crime?

    FGM Ruling Foreshadows the NEW AMERICA Emerging

  17. Germany: Wittenberg pays final respects to 85y/o ‘killed by refugee’

    Dozens gathered in Wittenberg on Friday night following the death of an elderly man who was allegedly killed by a refugee last week.

    Around 130 people held a vigil in front of the town’s church, which in turn hosted a commemoration service. Around 150 people paid their respects inside the church.

    An 85-year-old pensioner was killed last weekend. His throat was slit while he was sleeping in his bed according to local reports.

  18. BREITBART – Slave Doctor: I’d Rather ‘Pick Up Garbage’ in Brazil than Go Back to Cuba

    Unsalaried Cuban doctors in Brazil, now forced to return home after the Castro regime canceled an exchange program following demands by President-elect Jair Bolsonaro to pay the medical professionals a full salary, told Brazilian news outlets this week they have no interest in returning home.

    Brazil hosts over 8,000 Cuban doctors through its “Mais Médicos” (“More Doctors”) program, established by former socialist President Dilma Rousseff. The doctors tend to work in poorer, more rural areas. The Castro regime pockets at least 70 percent of their salaries, refuses to allow them to bring families or travel back to Cuba to visit relatives, and is estimated to have made $11 million in profits on the program last year. By canceling the program this month, the communist regime may lose up to $332 million in revenue.

    Cuba canceled the program after conservative President-elect Bolsonaro announced that, upon the beginning of his tenure in January, the Cuban government would have to pay 100 percent of doctors’ salaries to the doctors and allow them to bring their families to Brazil with them. Bolsonaro also announced the Cubans would have to pass proficiency tests to ensure their skills were on par with a graduate of a Brazilian medical program.

    Bolsonaro’s response was to immediately offer the Cuban doctors political asylum if they wished not to return home.

    “If I am president and one of these doctors requests asylum, they will have it,” he said, insisting that his government would not “threaten” Cuban doctors to keep them working for a meager working stipend like Rousseff’s government did.

    Reports in Brazilian media indicate that many of the doctors implicated will take advantage of the offer. One doctor, identified as 30-year-old Adrian Brea Sánchez, told the Brazilian newspaper O Globo that he has no intention of returning home, even though, at the time of his conversation with the newspaper, the government had booked him a flight home in less than 24 hours.

    “I will be considered a deserter. I will be banned from returning to Cuba for eight years, but what are they going to do, kill me?” he asked, explaining he was not afraid of staying in a “free country” like Brazil. “Who can guarantee that if I return they won’t take some disciplinary action or invalidate my diploma? Every day something new happens.”

    Sánchez told the newspaper that he plans to stay in Brazil even if he has to “pick up garbage or sweep the streets” in Brazil, though at the moment he is the only doctor operating in Pirapetinga, Minas Gerais, over a thousand miles away from Brasilia.

    Other doctors have also spoken up to assert they have no interest in going home. Adrián Estrada Barber, who left the “Mais Médicos” program in 2016 after marrying a Brazilian citizen, told the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo that he chose to go through the bureaucratic process of becoming a Brazil-certified physician independent on his home country because the Cuban “medical diplomacy” programs are “exploitative” and restricting.

    “I think all Cubans feel exploited,” he said. “People leave Cuba with the goal of saving up … for us it was very good money, much more than we make in Cuba. … [B]ut when we got here and saw how the world works, I decided not to return.”

    The Cuban doctor also expressed outrage on the part of Brazilian doctors, many of whom lost their jobs because government hospitals replaced them with Cubans who did not require full salaries.

    “Many fired their Brazilian doctors to hire a Cuban, that’s no good … they said they only had jobs for Cubans,” he noted.

    Estrada Barber was banned from entering Cuba for eight years when he “deserted” the program in 2016.

    Another group of Cuban doctors in Brazil published an open letter Wednesday to the Brazilian people explaining their situation and refusing to go home.

    “We are the currency that keeps afloat an economy that has been destroyed for over 59 years,” the letter read. “The Cuban government unilaterally decided to abandon the Mais Médicos program not out of any disrespect or offense to its doctors but because President-elect Jair Bolsonaro intends to modify the terms of the program to benefit Cuban doctors and their families, and not the government of Cuba.”

    The letter accused the Cuban government of harassing the relatives of doctors at home to force them to pressure the doctors to come home and not accept Bolsonaro’s offer of political asylum.

    “Those of us who learned to love the nobility, enterprising spirit, and love for freedom of the Brazilian people will continue to be at your side and face together the days ahead,” the letter concluded.

    In response to the backlash from its doctors, the regime has accelerated the schedule for departure for the thousands of doctors it has ordered to come home. The doctors ordered to return received a notice this week stating that “all flights will be scheduled earlier” for their return to Cuba and all are expected home “as soon as possible.”

  19. Tehran Imam calls for Sunni-Shia unity against enemies of Islam (memo, Nov 24, 2018)

    “Tehran’s Friday Khatib Ahmad Khatami called for unity amongst Muslims, Sunnis and Shias, against the conspiracies of the great powers so as not to allow a rift in the nation because of America, which he accused of “supporting terrorism”.

    Khatami said this would mean “Shias and Sunnis unite together, depending on their constituents, against enemies who are targeting the foundation of Islam.”

    “By its unity, the Islamic world will give a powerful blow to the United States,” he said.

    He went on to criticise how US President Donald Trump stigmatised the Iranian people for “terrorism” and said that “Trump’s remarks are very silly. The whole world knows that America is the terrorist and the sponsor of terrorism.”

    “It is they [America] who send terrorists to Syria,” he added.

    Despite his call for unity, Khatami accused Saudi Arabia of being a “puppet of America” ??that had a key role in every terrorist act in the Muslim world.

    He also accused the Saudi authorities of “committing war crimes” in Yemen. “The crimes committed by the Al Saud family in Yemen are very brutal. They unjustly call themselves the Custodians of the Two Holy Mosques, while they are actually the traitors of the Two Holy Mosques.””

  20. Saudi Arabia approves increased media controls (memo, Nov 24, 2018)

    “Saudi Information Minister Awwad Bin Saleh Al-Awwad has issued media organisations new directives which ban instigating the overthrow of the regime or calling for change through violence.

    The new regulations are being introduced to “protect public order, strengthen national unity, preserve the social fabric, and preserve values ??and virtues.”

    In addition to “not inciting the overthrow of the system of government in the Kingdom, or calling for violence to change the social and economic principles in the country, and preventing the glorification of groups with political, ethnic, ideological or social orientations subversive against the Kingdom, the media should not address what may harm the Kingdom’s relations with friendly countries.”

    Women working in media must “ adhere to the decent dress that is in line with Islamic dress codes and prevailing customs and which suits the working environment and respect for viewers”, the regulations continued.

    The Saudi regime has come under increased criticism following the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the kingdom’s consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, on 2 October. The CIA says it has evidence which proves that Saudi Crown Prime Mohammed Bin Salman ordered Khashoggi’s murder.”

  21. Pakistan arrests cleric whose followers shut down cities over blasphemy (reuters, Nov 23, 2018)

    “Pakistani authorities on Friday night arrested an ultra-right religious party leader whose followers have shut down major cities demanding stricter application of stringent laws on blasphemy against Islam.

    Prominent cleric Khadim Hussain Rizvi’s supporters clashed with police in the eastern city of Lahore soon after he was taken away, with at least five people wounded, police said.

    Rizvi earlier this month led nationwide protests over the Supreme Court’s acquittal and release of a Christian woman, Asia Bibi, who had spent eight years on death row on a blasphemy conviction.

    He had urged his supporters earlier in the day to take to the streets if he was arrested, and late on Friday night his son said he had been taken away in a raid on his religious school, or madrassa, in Lahore.

    “Police raided our madrassa and arrested our revered leader,” Saad Rizvi told Reuters by telephone.

    Rizvi leads the Tehreek-e-Labbaik (TLP) party, which earlier this month blocked roads in Pakistan’s biggest cities for three days and threatened the Supreme Court judges who acquitted Asia Bibi – urging their cooks and servants to kill them.

    The TLP ended the initial protests following negotiations with the government and an agreement to open a review of the court’s decision on Bibi. [L3N1XD56A]

    Bibi and her family are in hiding after her release, and the ultra-Islamist TLP said any sign of allowing her to leave the country would result in new protests.

    Her lawyer has fled Pakistan, fearing he would be killed.

    Blasphemy against Islam’s Prophet Mohammad is punishable with a mandatory death sentence in Pakistan, and the very mention of blasphemy is enough to inflame violent reactions…”

  22. Suspected Islamic State gunmen kill six in southern Libya (reuters, Nov 23, 2018)

    “Gunmen on Friday raided a town deep in Libya’s southern desert, killing six, the municipality said, adding that it believed the militant group Islamic State was responsible.

    A military source said the attackers had occupied a police station in the oasis town of Tazerbo, north of Kufra, until residents expelled them. The source also said the attackers were believed to belong to Islamic State.

    The town – which was a resting point for tourists going on Sahara camping tours before Libya plunged into chaos in 2011 – listed six residents on its website as having been killed.

    Islamic State has staged several attacks on southern towns since withdrawing into the desert after losing its main stronghold, the coastal city of Sirte, in 2016.”

  23. Police in Marrakech Arrest Algerian-French Suspect with International Arrest Warrant (moroccoworldnews, Nov 23, 2018)

    “The 34-year old was subject to an international arrest warrant for his alleged involvement in robbery, firearms use and prison escape.

    According to a statement from the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN), French judicial police issued an arrest warrant in November after the man left France, escaping French law enforcement authorities.

    The defendant faced judicial investigation under the supervision of the prosecutor office to determine the circumstances of the case, pending the procedural steps for his extradition.

    The arrest is part of DGSN’s operations to reinforce international security cooperation on combating cross-border organized crimes and arresting wanted suspects, added the statement.”

  24. Islamic values against gender discrimination: Erdogan (AA, Nov 23, 2018)

    “The religion of Islam does not justify any gender discrimination against women, Turkey’s president said on Friday.

    Addressing the ‘3rd Women and Justice Summit’ in Istanbul, Recep Tayyip Erdogan underlined the equality of woman and man in Islam.

    “As members of a faith [Islam] which sees each human being, beyond all their differences from gender to color, as a creature by Allah, it is not possible for us to discriminate against women,” Erdogan said.

    The president praised women as indispensable to the family and business life.

    Erdogan said the family is shaped with the joint efforts of woman and man in Turkish culture and Islam.

    “An understanding that isolates women from business life and men from home strikes the family concept at the very beginning,” he said.

    The president also said Turkey should apply to its own history and culture in an effort to improve its position on human, woman, children, and animal rights; not that of western countries, which are shaken with big discussions on them.

    Erdogan accused the west of commoditization of women, recalling that women were sold and forced to work during centuries.

    “It is not surprising for us that the mentality that used women as a commodity in the past uses the women with the same concept of meta under the guise of equality today,” he said.

    Active participation of Turkish women in business life

    The president also mentioned the role of Turkish women in politics, academics and many other areas.

    He said 104 women perform their duty as lawmakers at the 600-seat parliament of Turkey.

    “This figure is 17.5 percent of the Turkish parliament. It set a new record, though not enough,” Erdogan stated.

    The president said the rate for participation of Turkish women into labor force went up during the rule of his Justice and Development (AK) Party since late 2002.

    “In Turkish universities, almost half of academics — at least 44 percent — are women,” he said, adding the same rate applies to architects and lawyers.

    “More than 20 percent of Turkish diplomats are women as well,” he added.

    Erdogan said that there are now 9.1 million women bolstering Turkey’s power in business life.

    Reporting by Andac Hongur, Berk Ozkan and Lale Bildirici:Writing by Can Erozden”

  25. Tijuana declares humanitarian crisis as migrant group that split from caravan pushes toward border

    Tijuana’s mayor defiantly slammed his country’s federal government for failing to provide adequate aid for the migrant caravan and vowed not to bankrupt his city to care for the thousands now massed near the U.S. border.

    Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum on Thursday asked for international groups like the United Nations to step up aid in response to the more than 5,000 migrants who have arrived in the city over the past two weeks in an attempt to reach the U.S. border. Gastelum called the situation a humanitarian crisis and claimed the Mexican federal government had not helped the city deal with the massive influx of migrants.

  26. Whistleblower Who Reported Migrant Transport NGO Smuggler Links Lives in Fear After Death Threats (breitbart, Nov 23, 2018)

    “A former member of security staff for a migrant transport NGO in Italy has received death threats after blowing the whistle on allegations that the NGO had been cooperating with people traffickers.

    Pietro Gallo received the death threat in the mail earlier this week saying that he was worried for his family now that far-left extremist open borders supporters clearly knew where he lived, Il Giornale reports.

    While working security aboard the migrant transport vessel Vos Hestia operated by NGO Save the Children, Gallo alerted Italian authorities of potential links to people traffickers which led to an investigation by the prosecutor of Trapani.

    Gallo said the letter held him responsible for the 1,800 or so deaths of migrants that had occurred at sea so far this year.

    “Merde, merde, merde [French for ‘shit, shit, shit’] 2018 = 1,800 dead. Salvini, Matteo – dead. ML – dead. SS – dead. Gallo Pietro – dead,” the letter said, making clear death threats towards populist interior minister Matteo Salvini and two other individuals Gallo did not want to name publicly.

    The testimony of Gallo to the authorities led to the seizure of the Iuventa vessel, operated by Jugend Rettet, in August of last year while it was docked at the port of Lampedusa.

    Since his testimony, far-left pro-open borders activists have labelled him and other security workers as “spies” and right-wing sympathisers but Gallo rejected the labels saying, “If we had not been there, nobody would have said anything.”

    “Yet there was the Coast Guard, the Guardia di Finanza… everyone knew everything, but nobody spoke. Because it was inconvenient to do it,” he said.

    “Migrants claimed to be 17 years old when it was clear to everyone they had at least 25. Yet they were recorded as unaccompanied minors,” he added.

    He also described having to “fight” with people smugglers who wanted to reuse dinghies they had used to bring migrants and noted the NGOs “filmed and knew everything. They didn’t want any information to come out of the ship without their approval.”

    The investigation has also taken its toll on Gallo personally.

    “We regretted having denounced what we saw in the Mediterranean, we have been cast aside. For a year and a half, they took away my phones, as well as those of my children. They searched my house, my information was on all the parts of the investigation and it ended up in the papers. I can’t even work on ships anymore. If I had shut up it would have been better,” he said.”

  27. London BLOODBATH – Horror as young man KNIFED repeatedly in Southall (express, Nov 24, 2018)

    “A YOUNG MAN in his early 20s has been repeatedly stabbed in Southall, West London, police have confirmed.

    Officers were called to Convent Way in the London Borough of Ealing just before 10pm. Scotland Yard stated there have been no arrests at this stage. A statement from Met Police reads: “We’re dealing with a stabbing in Convent Way just before 10pm.

    “A man in his 20s has been taken to hospital.

    “We don’t believe his condition is life-threatening, but await full assessment.

    “No arrest at this stage.”

    They also called on any witnesses to phone the police on 101, citing reference 8045/nov23mps.

    A crime scene remains in place and enquiries continue…”

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