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4 Replies to “Yellow Jacket protestors in France explain themselves”

  1. If you will check on Yahoo Finance you will discover that the price of crude oil is down to $56 and change per barrel, there is no economic reason for fuel prices to be raising in France. The best I can think of is that the French Government has raised fuel taxes to get more money to pay welfare to the Invaders.

    This protest has started out as an economic protest but can, probably will turn into a massive political protest to bring about a new government. Since it will probably be a socialist one which will fail and France will be racked with protests and riots that stand a chance of turning into a real Civil War.

    video – 6 minutes 46 seconds
    Two protests occurred over the weekend: one in London and the other throughout France. Both focused on climate change, but were radically different. We look at one that is feeling the effects of government control in this episode of Analysis Behind the News.

  3. Someone has to pay for the unlimited immigration and generous social welfare.

    This may well be the first signs of social and economic collapse. The future looks bleak for France.

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